Benefits of Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera – the miracle plant


The aloe vera plant has been known for thousands of years and it sits on the throne of the kingdom of plants because of its amazing ability to treat many skin diseases, ulcers, wounds, burns and other internal and external diseases.

Aloe vera juice can be used directly from the leaves that have been cut so that it can be used as lotions for hair and skin or as eye drops.

Aloe vera produces two important juices

1- The reddish brown juice

2- The gelatinous juice is transparent and contains the secret of beauty

The Indians use aloe vera extract to treat wounds after surgical operations. As for the American Indians, they use aloe vera to treat many skin diseases, as well as stomach and duodenal ulcers. Aloe vera juice treats fungi successfully, treats acne. The best natural treatment for lightening the skin, aloe vera is a very protective sunscreen, aloe vera juice is used in the treatment of burns and helps to speed up the formation of cells, and it is very useful for treating burns, aloe vera extract is a close friend of hair, as it strengthens hair and protects it from the sun.

Aloe vera extract:

* It is considered one of the most important medicines that remove varicose veins while it has been tried (and scientists have explained this by the containment of aloe vera on a vital stimulant substance called (the hormone of wounds). With the use of aloe vera extract repeatedly, the size of varicose veins decreases until it gradually disappears.

* According to the treatment of hemorrhoids, fat.

* It is useful for removing the small scar from the skin, where the extract is applied several times a day, and after several months, the scar begins to disappear.

Aloe vera extract can be applied to the skin and hair several times daily without harm.

One of the scientists was also able to treat the eczema of the hands using aloe vera juice until the eczema faded away ,,, Aloe vera is used to treat chronic sores as well as to treat acne ,,,

Aloe vera preparations available for us:

* Aloe vera extract to treat burns and wounds * A special gel to protect the skin from sunlight * A special skin care cream made of aloe vera extract * Aloe vera oil to strengthen and soften hair * Aloe vera cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Doctors confirm this:

Eating aloe vera can facilitate digestion, destroy some bacteria or parasites in the intestine, as well as contribute to the healing of ulcers and the stability of an upset stomach.

Aloe vera gel also has the ability to treat tooth pain and control fluid accumulation, as it has been found that aloe vera can reduce inflammation, fungi and bacteria in patients who use dentures, and other uses include the use of aloe vera in surgery and on cracks and wounds inside and outside the mouth.

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