Antibodies from camels to treat cancer

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Washington in the United States revealed that antibodies that can be extracted from camels have a high ability to treat cancer, and are better than the techniques currently used for treatment.


The study, prepared by researchers from the university’s College of Medicine, indicates that the use of these antibodies can help lethal viruses reach cancer cells better.


The researchers, led by Professor David Curiel, Professor of Oncology, were able to use genetically modified viruses to kill cancer cells, but they faced the problem of identifying cancer cells, until they were guided to rely on immune antibodies to identify them.


The study, which was based on laboratory experiments on human cells, showed that antibodies from camels are better for this purpose than regular human and animal antibodies.


Professor Curiel says that camel antibodies have a different structure than traditional antibodies, and this structure gives them hardness and strength in the face of difficult conditions inside cells, and makes them more specialized and specific to the target.

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