The benefits of tea also affect the bones of the elderly

Researchers in Japan said that black tea may help treat osteoporosis that affects the elderly, but they pointed out that it is necessary to drink very large quantities of it to achieve this.


Scientists explained that this drink contains an antioxidant that prevents the decline in bone density that occurs with aging, which exposes the elderly to more fractures.


Researchers led by Keizo Nishikawa of Osaka University found that theaflavin-3 (TF-3), an antioxidant, inactivates an enzyme that destroys bone tissue.


The research, which was published on the website of the American journal Nature Medicine, found that mice suffering from osteoporosis were given TF-3, which recorded an improvement in the level of bone density, which became at the level of healthy mice.


However, the study indicated that an adult weighing 60 kilograms would need to drink 60 cups of tea over a period of 3 days to record a noticeable difference, according to what Jiji Press reported.


Osteoporosis affects women, especially in advanced age, and is a growing problem in rapidly aging societies such as Japan.



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