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Amazing ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Lie on your back


Some methods of sleeping cause, over time, the appearance of “sleep lines”, which are wrinkles that are engraved in the upper layers of the skin and do not disappear after waking up. Sleeping on both sides causes wrinkles to appear on the cheeks and chin. While sleeping face down makes your forehead wrinkled. To reduce the appearance of new wrinkles, lie on your back.


Eat more fish like salmon


Salmon is rich in protein and is one of the building blocks for great skin. Salmon is also very rich in Omega-3. Experts say that essential fatty acids nourish the skin and maintain its youth, and this reduces the possibility of wrinkles.


Don’t strain your eyes! Wear your reading glasses


Repeated blinking of the eyes to try to read strains the facial muscles, and this forms pits below the surface of the skin, which will later become wrinkles. Keep your eyes wide open and use reading glasses if you need them. Wear sunglasses that protect the skin around the eyes from sun damage.


Fatty alpha-hydroxy acids


These alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) lift the dead top layer of skin away and this reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and surface wrinkles especially around the eyes. The powerful form of these acids helps boost collagen production. Using these acids may make the skin look more plump. Sensitive, so it is necessary to put an abundant amount of sunscreen daily.


Don’t over wash your face


Tap water strips moisture and natural oils that prevent wrinkles. If the soap you are using does not contain moisturizers, you should use a face wash instead of soap.


vitamin C”


Some studies have found that creams containing vitamin C increase collagen production and protect against damage from ultraviolet A and B rays, and this helps reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone, and reduce redness. You should use skin products that contain the appropriate type of vitamin. c.” Perhaps the best type of wrinkle treatment is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C may be listed on the packaging as ascorbyl palmitate.


Soy for skin care


Soy may improve the appearance of the skin and may even protect it. Studies have suggested that applying soy topically or orally may help protect or even treat the skin from some of the damage caused by sun exposure. It also improves the composition, durability and color of the leather.


Replace coffee with cocoa


One study showed that cocoa contains two types of antioxidants (epicatechin and catechin) that have been associated with protecting the skin from sun damage, improving blood flow to skin cells, helping with hydration and making the skin appear smoother. Don’t forget that it’s a delicious drink too!

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