Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet


Like most dieting, there is a list of foods that are permitted and prohibited on the keto diet. The ketogenic diet has topped most of social media due to its effectiveness in losing weight quickly and it is considered a healthy diet that has many benefits.

What is the keto diet?

Allowed and forbidden on the keto diet

Benefits of the keto diet

The harm of the keto diet

1- What is the keto diet?

The keto diet relies on eating foods rich in healthy fats and refraining from eating foods rich in carbohydrates, so that the body uses fats instead of carbohydrates as an energy source, which helps in losing weight quickly.

2- What is allowed and what is forbidden in the keto diet

As we already mentioned, during the keto diet you should eat foods rich in healthy fats, the most important of which are:

Red meat




olive oil





Vegetables that do not contain starches such as spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce …

As for the foods that are not allowed to be eaten during the keto diet, they are:

Vegetables rich in starch, such as potatoes

the rice

the pasta

the bread



Soft drinks

Dried or canned fruits

Abnormal juice


Processed foods

Fruits such as bananas, grapes

When you follow this diet, we recommend that you prepare keto diet drinks.

3- Benefits of the keto diet

The keto diet has many benefits, and perhaps the most important one is that a person can eat the permitted food during this diet without specifying the amount, that is, a person can eat until he feels full, unlike many other diets. The keto diet helps to raise healthy cholesterol in the blood and reduce the level of harmful cholesterol. In addition to all this, the keto diet is considered a diet that helps reduce the level of sugar in the blood due to the amount of few carbohydrates allowed to eat.

4- Damages of the keto diet

Every diet or diet may cause some damage, as far as it is concerned

The keto diet

And being a diet rich in fat may cause some heart diseases. In addition, the first period of dieting may be stressful because the body needs some time to get used to burning fat instead of carbohydrates as a new source of energy. Some people may suffer from diarrhea if you do not replace the carbohydrate deficiency with high-fiber foods.

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