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After recovery from Corona: Eat these foods to restore your health - Care Beauty

After recovery from Corona: Eat these foods to restore your health


In the healthy period in which the world is living as a result of the Corona epidemic, it directly or indirectly affected human health, whether by fear of picking up this coronavirus or by eating random food as a result of being quarantined for a period of time without physical activity or organizing diets. These behaviors led to the emergence of two types of people: one, he gained excess weight, and the second: he lost some kilograms. In both cases, nutritionist Maya Gharios emphasized the importance of following a moderate diet and getting some physical movement. However, how does corona affect the person’s weight during his treatment period?

From this standpoint, Gharios explained that when an individual is infected with the Coronavirus, complications occur that lead to unintended weight loss, especially since its effects are on the sense of taste and smell, which reduces the amount of food intake. It also affects breathing, especially when the patient is treated in the hospital or in intensive care with oxygen for a long time, and accordingly, the forms of food intake differ.

Whatever the methods, it remains certain that the body at this stage needs a high amount of food to enhance its strength to fight disease and stress. Two basic elements constitute the stone of confrontation for the victory over the virus, namely: proteins, so that the body does not lose its muscles and energy, in addition to water.


Therefore, the diet during the illness period consists of foods rich in protein such as: meat, chicken, fish, dairy, cheese and milk, and foods rich in caloric units to rejuvenate vitality.

What is noteworthy in Garius’s speech is that the more obesity an individual suffers, the greater the risk of covid on his health. On the other hand, if the patient loses weight during the illness, its effects on him lessen, unlike the case of the weak individual who gains kilograms during this period.

What does the injured eat after recovering?

After the end of the treatment period and the patient recovered from Corona, Gharius stressed the need to focus on healthy foods that strengthen immunity in the body and restore strength to the individual. Therefore, protein must be consumed with various types of milk and its derivatives and animal derivatives in order to regenerate tissues, starches from bread, rice and potatoes for energy, in addition to fruits and vegetables to provide the body with vitamins and nutritional minerals.

In the end, these nutritional instructions are based on the person eating a varied, good quality and appropriate food away from fatty foods and large amounts of salt and sugar.