What are the best hot drinks in this cold weather?


As temperatures start to drop, hot drinks become the first choice in order to warm the body from the cold and protect it from disease. It is known that there are many types of these drinks that are distinguished by their health benefits and nutritional properties. Nutritionist Mona Nasser provided a list of the most important hot drinks and the benefits of each.

First – # Flowers are drinks that include a wide variety of herbs, such as mint, rosemary, and others. It has antioxidants, and it helps reduce blood pressure, eliminate inflammation and feel nauseous.

Second – Tea is one of the most common options people resort to in cold weather. Among the most popular types are: red tea, green tea, white tea and black tea.

Each of them has several health characteristics, the most important of which are:

A-Green tea: It contributes to the process of losing weight, and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease because it contains antioxidants.

B- White tea: It protects against chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and protects against certain types of cancer

C- Black tea: It strengthens the body’s immunity, because it contains a reduction in inflammation and cholesterol in the blood.

D- Red tea: Reduces the risk of heart attack and helps in losing weight.

In addition to these types of teas, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric can be added to these drinks because they are rich in antioxidants, which prevents diseases.

Besides, peppermint tea relieves intestinal problems and allergies. Also, chamomile tea is a healthy option to calm nerves.

Third – Cocoa is one of the favorite drinks of young and old. It is preferable to choose plain, unsweetened cocoa and add hot milk to it, and enjoy it in cold weather.

In both options available from these hot drinks, Nasser advised adding a spoonful of natural honey as an alternative to sugar.

What are the best times for hot drinks?

Regarding this, there is no problem with the timing of drinking hot drinks, provided they do not contain ginger. This is due to its severity and, accordingly, its negative effect on the stomach wall, especially if it is drunk on an empty stomach, i.e. on an empty stomach.

So, the choice of a hot drink is up to the individual according to what suits him of these types. And they can all be used and diversified to obtain health benefits that protect our health during this cold period of the year.

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