Researchers from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom explained the reason behind many people’s addiction to chocolate, which is that its flavor is not only what excites our senses, but its soft texture also has a large part of what makes us eat more and more of it, according to the “Science Alert” website.


The researchers said that it is the mixture of cocoa, sugar and fat that makes us addicted to eating it, but these ingredients have their health disadvantages.




The scientists tested a 3D artificial tongue on a fine chocolate bar when the robotic mouth part was presented to four different samples of dark chocolate.




The researchers found that the fat content on the outside of the chocolate coats the tongue in a good melt, and if this applies to the human mouth, the fat content hidden in the body of the chocolate bar may not touch the tongue much before it mixes with saliva and slides down our throats.




The tongue was also tested on chocolate bars with four different combinations of fat, sugar and cocoa, and the cocoa content ranged from 70 to 99%. In the end, chocolate bars with a higher percentage of fat stuck to the tongue easily.




Moreover, when the greasy chocolate sticks to the tongue, it releases cocoa particles directly against the taste buds of the tongue.




The more fat surrounding the chocolate bar, the more likely it will stick to the tongue and inner cheek.




Nutritionist Anwesha Sarkar said: “If the chocolate contains 5% fat or 50% fat, it will still form droplets in the mouth, and this gives you a sense of the chocolate taste, which enhances the flavour.

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