Symptoms of chest congestion in children and home remedies

Chest congestion is a very common condition that most children suffer from, especially during the colder months. This condition is usually harmless, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable, causing a stuffy nose and noisy or rapid breathing.


Symptoms of chest congestion in children



According to TheHealthSite, chest congestion in children is very common during the winter season. The condition can leave the child with severe chest pain and pain. This is why it is important for the parent to understand the signs of this health condition and start treatment as early as possible to help the child. To suffer less, some of the symptoms may include:


Noisy breathing especially at night Persistent cough Sometimes runny nose Watery eyes Fever (if the flu is present) Sometimes Sore throat Simple home remedies for chest congestion



In normal cases, the disease subsides within 3-4 days. Sometimes, the symptoms can become severe, and the child is required to take antibiotics, but this is not the case all the time. Sometimes, a visit to the doctor is not needed and that is The time when parents should follow some home remedies to help the child deal with the symptoms. Here is a complete list of things parents should do:


Continue to monitor the child’s temperatureGive paracetamol only when you have a feverInhale steam (remotely for newborns and infants)Suck the nose when there is visible secretions in the nostrils (there are nasal aspirators available in the market)Adequate hydration is a must, for a newborn, carry on Breastfeeding. If the mother has a viral infection, she can continue to breastfeed. She should wear a mask while feeding.


You can put a saline solution in the nose. Oftentimes there is only a stuffy nose (due to dryness in the air) and no infection. Saline nose drops work best in such cases.


The ingredients (camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil) can be irritating, causing the body to produce more mucus. Since infants and young children have much narrower airways, this increased production of mucus can block the airways leading to more problems, so their use should be avoided especially in children under two years of age.


The best method or treatment option for chest congestion in children is:


Salt water nasal spray


Gentle suction with a rubber bulb (nasal aspirator)


Steam inhalation


warm drinks


Maintain hydration


In case of any breathing difficulty, the parent should immediately go to the nearest emergency hospital without any delay.

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