Yogurt diet amazing weight loss in 3 days

yogurt diet is one of the diets that help you lose weight amazingly and quickly. According to its name, it is based on eating yogurt as a basic meal, as the latter is a great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins, so there is no need to worry. As the benefits of the yogurt diet are multiple for losing weight and eliminating fat, stomach and rumen. Where you will lose two kilograms in just three days!




A box of yogurt sweetened with a spoonful of honey with a cup of tea to which skim milk is added.






the lunch:





A piece of grilled chicken, fish or meat, with a plate of vegetable salad and a cup of yogurt.








Three grains of fruit with a cup or a box of yogurt sweetened with honey.




It is recommended to drink plenty of water while doing this diet, and to do it only for three days!