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A natural drink that treats dull skin

The skin is exposed to many problems as a result of fatigue, exhaustion and staying up late as well


What makes it lose its freshness and vitality, so it looks dull, pale and devoid of any luster


What prompts some women who suffer from this problem to resort to make-up as a temporary solution to hide the pallor that appears on the skin.


We will offer you a solution that is not temporary, but rather a radical and natural solution that restores vitality and radiance to your skin:




Orange juice to get rid of dull skin

Orange juice is one of the best natural ways to get rid of dull skin because it contains vitamin C


Which gives the skin activity and vitality, as well as folic acid, which completely purifies it from scars, in addition to other very useful elements.




How to make juice

1- Squeeze a large orange, add to the juice one or two tablespoons of honey as needed, then a pinch of fish oil.

2- Mix the ingredients well and drink the juice daily in the morning.

The benefit of adding honey to juice: honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps get rid of pimples and pimples.


It also contributes to whitening the skin and smoothing its texture.

The benefit of adding fish oil to the juice: it is considered one of the essential oils to fight aging


It also helps to nourish the skin and renew its cells, which restores its natural color.




Benefits of orange juice for the skin

1- Drinking one glass of orange juice daily prevents acne breakouts.

2- Orange can be used as a lotion and scrub for the skin to exfoliate dead cells


After that, it is preferable to add a moisturizing cream that nourishes the skin without exposure to sunlight.

3- It brightens the skin tone.

4- It saves it from the drought that it is exposed to due to weather factors.

5- Protects it from skin pigmentation resulting from exposure to sunlight.

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