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7 ways to completely get rid of blackheads!

Home remedies for blackheads: Blackhead removal doesn’t get easier than this

Blackheads appear on the skin for many reasons, including the accumulation of fat in the pores of the face, which causes these pores to be blocked and turn black, and this helps in the exposure of the skin to air and dust, with lack of good skincare.
Many women suffer from the appearance of blackheads in the skin, which makes their appearance unsuitable and makes them feel embarrassed and tight, especially when those heads appear in the forehead or nose area, which leads to making the skin unpure.
-beauty magazine presents you with the most effective ways to get rid of blackheads.
Several other factors lead to the appearance of blackheads, and one of these basic factors is the lack of proper and healthy skincare
Also, not getting rid of dead skin regularly leads to the accumulation of fat and the appearance of those heads, and one of the reasons is also not removing the remnants of make-up, which clogs the skin.
To remove those blackheads, you can dilute lemon juice with water, then dip a piece of cotton in it to wipe the face with it, leave on the face until completely dry, then rinse with cold water, and this recipe is repeated 3 times a day to achieve an ideal result, bearing in mind the necessity of diluting lemon juice with water so as not to It causes skin irritation.
You can also use fully-ripened tomatoes after removing the peel and mashing them to use as a face mask by adding olive oils to it while avoiding the area around the eyes for a quarter of an hour and then rinse it well and if the skin is not oily or mixed, you can replace olive oil with cream.
The most effective treatment that helps get rid of blackheads is toothpaste, by applying toothpaste to the areas with blackheads, leaving it for 25 minutes, and then rinse it well.
Then you will notice that the upper part of the pimples has disappeared, but to achieve a good result, you must adhere to and regularly use this mixture, because it will help exfoliate the layers of dead skin, bearing in mind that the paste may cause a feeling of a little tingling.
Eat vegetables and fruits:
Eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits helps to increase the freshness of the skin, improve its health, and be free from defects and problems.
Also, one of the useful methods is to heat the water on the fire and expose the face to the steam resulting from it for 5 minutes, because this helps to treat blackheads. After all, it opens the pores of the skin, which facilitates the exit of these pimples from the skin, but it is necessary to wash the face with cold water after the end of this recipe to close the open pores due to water vapor.
Clean the skin well:
To get rid of blackheads, it is necessary to clean the skin well twice a day, in the morning and the evening, because this helps to remove all the fat and dirt attached to the skin. To prevent the formation of blackheads.

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