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Suffering from oily eyelids? Here are 5 effective solutions

Oily eyelids, an annoying problem during the winter, turn into a terrible nightmare during the summer. Since the eyelids are the most delicate and sensitive area of ​​facial skin, you cannot resort to any of the medical treatments without a doctor’s prescription. However, there are some natural ingredients that help you get rid of this problem effectively and safely.
Natural recipes remain the most safe solutions to treat any of the problems related to the skin, as they are completely safe, free from toxins and chemicals, and give you sure results without any side effects.
Discover the most important ingredients and effective natural recipes to get rid of the problems of oily eyelids.
1- Witch Hazel
Wild hazelnut extract contains tannin, which acts as a natural astringent for pores and helps reduce excess oil production. Sprinkle a few drops of alcohol-free wild nut extract on a cotton pad, then use it to gently massage the eyelid area. Allow it to dry completely, then continue with the rest of your usual eye makeup application.
2- milk
It is another effective ingredient for treating the problem of oily eyelids. Milk is a rich source of magnesium and lactic acid, which helps close pores and restore the skin’s pH balance without damaging it. Dip a piece of cotton in cold milk, get rid of the excess milk, and massage the eyelids area well. Leave it to dry completely, then wipe it again with a damp cloth.
3- tomato
Tomatoes are food sources rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants, which help remove excess oils and tighten skin pores. Put a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, then use it to gently massage your eyelids, being careful not to touch your eyelashes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse well with lukewarm water. Repeat once daily and see results.
4- Cotton towels
Cotton towels help absorb more water from the skin’s surface than other types of synthetic fibers. After washing your face with your usual cleanser, gently pat your eyelids with a clean cotton towel to get rid of excess water, and also help reduce oil secretion.
5- Rose water
Being a great natural toner, rose water helps balance the oil levels within the skin without causing damage to the skin. Put a few drops of rose water on a piece of cotton, and use it to massage the area around the eye, concentrating on the eyelids. Leave it to absorb well into the skin cells. By repeating this daily, you will completely get rid of that annoying problem.

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