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7 Urban Myths We Think Are the Right Solution About Acne

We can face acne problem when we do not expect it. At such moments, we need to try many ways to get rid of pimples quickly. But these right-known mistakes do nothing but make acne problems worse. Here are the 7 most commonly heard misinformation about acne…


1. “Dental paste helps get rid of acne”


Toothpaste contains carbonate, essential oils obtained from plants, substances such as menthol. These substances dry out acne but also cause skin irritation and rashes.


2. “If you wash your face more often, acne will go”


Acne and blackheads are caused by clogging the pores in our skin. So no matter how much you wash your face, acne will not go away. Cleaning your face with the help of a brush or sponge does not clean the skin and may irritate it more. Soap and cleansers containing sulfate also cause excessive drying of the skin.


3. “Stres causes acne”


New pimples on your face are not a result of stress. But if you already have acne, stress makes the condition much worse. The healing process of acne slows down.


4. “Bronze prevents acne”


UV rays can cause more spread of acne. So if you have an acne problem, you should avoid tanning. You can protect your skin using sunscreens.


5. “Cosmetic products cause acne”


Not all cosmetic products are harmful to our skin. When choosing your products, it is important to pay attention to their non-porous structure known as ‘noncomedogenic’. It is especially useful to avoid products that contain alcohol and fats. Alcohol dries the skin and causes irritation. As a result, acne spreads. Oils clog pores in the skin.


6. “smoking drinking causes acne”


Many people think that smoking causes acne. Smoking is a really bad habit with its harmful effects on health, but it does not cause acne spread. Smoking negatively affects the skin’s self-renewal process. But in any case, smoking makes your skin look bad because it negatively affects the flow of oxygen.


7. “What we eat has nothing to do with acne”


Although old research has shown that there is no link between diet and acne, current research says the opposite. For example, because sugar triggers insulin production, too much causes acne. It is also necessary to avoid foods with high glycemic index, such as white bread, chocolate and beer.

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