How do people lose weight?  

How do people lose weight?




A report issued by the United Nations World Health Organization states that in 2013, there were two billion and one hundred million people suffering from excess weight, or approximately 30% of the total world population.

The report shows that 671 million obese people, or 62% of the world’s obese people, are in developing countries, including countries in the Middle East.

Based on these numbers, Nelson Global Health conducted a study that included more than thirty thousand people spread across sixty countries to find out the methods used in these countries to lose weight after previous studies confirmed that the majority of overweight people, wherever they are in the world, are trying to lose weight. Their weights, but the methods used to achieve this goal differ from one people to another.

In North America, for example, and according to this study, the majority (60%) believe in the importance of eating more fresh and natural foods, and in South America, people add to this principle the issue of reducing their intake of fat, while people in the Middle East, according to For the American study, the majority of them (65%) decided to reduce fats in their food, and in Europe, the best method for 66% of study participants was to reduce sugars.


What about starches?

The study says that the preferred method for 34% of the population of East Asia and the Pacific region is to reduce carbohydrates while increasing the fat, while this method is the preferred method for 23% of the population of North America.

Although the majority of Americans prefer to eat a lot of natural and fresh food as a way to lose weight, a large percentage of them (59%) are trying to reduce sugar and fat as well, while 46% of them prefer to reduce the intake of processed food items, in addition, of course, to a lot of fresh and natural foods.

The study indicated that the majority of overweight people, as well as those keen to maintain good health, in the Middle East, Africa, Latin American and East Asian countries, spend large sums of money on buying healthy food and healthy medical products.

On this basis, the healthy food trade in these regions is witnessing rapid prosperity and growth to meet the significant increase in demand.



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