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7 amazing ways to use honey - Care Beauty

7 amazing ways to use honey


Honey is one of the most beneficial natural products for human health, as a result of the work of bees with pollen from different types of flowers. This substance is generally used to replace sugar in food, but honey has many other applications.

Some say that Cleopatra, the most famous ancient queen of Egypt, was even bathing in honey, we will leave myths aside, how about knowing the benefits you can get from honey?

What are the benefits of honey?

Below we will learn about the most important uses and benefits of honey for health, skin and hair, follow us.

1 – Honey treats sore throats and coughs

This use is classic, many grandparents recommend honey to treat coughs and sore throats, and after studies have been conducted on the product’s properties against these ailments, some industrial remedies have also come to rely on honey in their formula.

As with these medicines, the healing power of honey is enhanced if you combine it with lemon juice.

2 – Helps get rid of the effects of alcohol

The next day may be less painful if you use honey to help treat the effects of alcohol.

This is because fructose – a type of sugar found in honey – speeds up the body’s metabolism, which causes the accumulated alcohol to be eliminated more quickly.

3 – Benefits of honey for skin: Queen’s bath

If she is not Cleopatra herself, then the dream of diving into a pool of honey is difficult to fulfill.

However, you can benefit from the properties of honey on skin by using just a little product in the shower.

You will need one cup of hot water, two tablespoons of honey and two drops of lavender essential oil, mix all the ingredients, and when the bath is ready, add the mixture. The result is a more comfortable bath while the skin benefits from the properties of honey.

4 – Honey to get rid of acne

Honey has a bactericidal and healing effect, according to studies by the German Society.

To use honey on your pimples, just apply a little to your acne and cover it with an adhesive bandage, after 30 minutes, remove the bandage, it helps dry out the inflamed pimples and can also reduce the redness of the scars left by acne.

5- Honey moisturizes the skin

To moisturize dry skin, honey is one of the strongest natural products, just apply honey over the desired area – it has incredible effects on naturally dry areas like elbows and heels – and leave it on for 30 minutes.

6 – Honey rebuilds hair

Using honey is a cheap and effective alternative, mix one teaspoon with your favorite shampoo and use it naturally.

After some time of use, you will notice that the appearance of the hair will become healthier and luminous.

7 – Benefits of honey for healing

Due to the aforementioned bactericidal effect, honey can also be used on minor wounds and burns.

In this case, the product acts as a natural antiseptic, eliminating the possibility of local infection and aiding in healing.