6 important tips on how to take care of your breasts

The chest is one of the most exciting parts of a woman’s body, but unfortunately this organ is very sensitive and quickly becomes saggy,
Pregnancy, weight gain, and breastfeeding are one of the most common causes of sagging.
And because every woman wishes to have attractive and tight breasts, we will give you, dear, 6 important tips on how to take care of the breasts.

First tip: Wear a suitable bra 80% of women wear inappropriate bras, and this indirectly causes
sagging breasts, so make sure to wear a bra that is suitable for the size of your breasts. It is not permissible to wear a narrow or wide bra,
When the straps become too stretchy, replace them.

Second tip: Constantly massaging your breasts. You can rely on breast massage to keep it rotated. Massage your breasts with almond oil.
Or any moisturizing cream and gently massage in a circular motion from top to bottom, the massage will help stimulate blood in the breast tissue
This increases its flexibility and prevents it from sagging.
Third tip: Eat healthy food Healthy food helps build body tissues, so be sure to eat vegetables,
Fruits, grains, fish, dairy, cheese and meat, these foods are rich in fatty acids and vitamins
And minerals that replenish collagen in the skin to give it moisture, and this prevents breasts from sagging.

Fourth tip: Maintain your weight One of the most important tips that you must adhere to is to maintain your weight because weight fluctuations
It causes the breast tissue to stretch, which leads to its sagging, so it is important to maintain your weight by following
Diet, exercise, and regular breast massage.

Fifth tip: Do exercise regularly. It is important to maintain regular exercise, especially those exercises
that helps in tightening and lifting the chest, you can do a chest press exercise, this exercise is for fitness the chest muscles
Sixth tip: Apply natural masks. Use natural masks, as they are useful in treating sagging breasts.
Mash a cucumber and add to it a spoonful of honey and a spoon of shea butter, then put the ingredients in the blender to become a cream that is easy to spread,
Apply the mixture to your breasts for 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water