Cardio exercises to burn fat

Cardio exercises are considered one of the exercises that depend on muscle movement and increase the heart rate by making a high effort, and contribute greatly to eliminating or getting rid of the amount of fat accumulated in the body, and these exercises do not need for a long period of time so that they are practiced for thirty minutes a day, Also, practicing these exercises does not require devices or equipment and can be done at home, on the street or in clubs, and we will provide the most important information about cardio exercises to burn fat during this article.

Cardio exercises to burn fat

It raises the levels of good cholesterol in the body, and lowers the levels of harmful and deposited cholesterol in the arteries, which helps protect the body from heart disease.

Eliminate excess body fat.

It sculpts the body and builds muscle mass, which speeds up the appearance of muscles.

It improves the psyche and rids the body of nervous stress. It also improves mood and eliminates anxiety and tension.

It increases blood circulation in the body.

Stimulates mental abilities, increases focus and attention.

Rid the body of lethargy and laziness.

Prevents the risk of diabetes, as it helps to control blood sugar levels.

Regulates and improves the breathing process, as it increases muscle strength in the rib cage muscles.

Types of cardio exercises

Walking: Walking on the treadmill or in the club or the street for thirty minutes during the first day, after that the distance and time period are increased to burn a greater percentage of calories and fat.

Climbing the stairs: This type of exercise can be practiced on a daily basis as it is an easy exercise, and dieticians advise people who suffer from stable weight when they follow slimming regimes, as the exercise of climbing stairs or stairs helps burn fat in the thighs and buttocks, and also stimulates blood circulation in the body. the body.

Running: Running in large areas or static running in the place contributes significantly to burning the accumulated fat more than walking, and running in the streets needs ten minutes at first, and then the time and distance are increased weekly. As for running in the place, it needs a period of time. Ranging from twenty to thirty minutes a day.

Swimming: Swimming is considered one of the most effective sports in losing excess body weight. It also contributes to strengthening the muscles of the back and arms, in addition to the muscles of the heart.

Rope jumping: The sport of jumping rope depends on moving the muscles of the legs and arms, and works to burn calories and excess fat.

Mountain climbing: Mountain climbing is one of the sports that helps burn fat accumulated in the abdomen, and also contributes to eliminating fat in the buttocks and legs, and when doing this exercise, you must take a break every two minutes.