6 Curly hair care tips to suit each curl type

Curly hair has its own charm and striking appearance. Without the necessary care, lifelessness, breakage and fraying are inevitable. For this reason, it is useful to follow a care routine for your curly hair.  We have compiled 6 care tips for you that every curly hair type can use, regardless of your curly type…


1. Shape your hair when it is wet


If you think you are using the right products and have mastered a technique but are still struggling with the frizzy, long-lasting obscure curls, it is time to re-examine your styling process.


You need to style your hair either while it is still in the shower or just after you go out. Because curly hair needs moisture, and if it does not get fully wet while styling your hair, you will always experience some electrification. Your styling products help trap moisture, make your curls prominent, and keep everything in place. If you apply the mentioned products to the hair that has already started to bulge and dry after the shower, you will get this effect exactly.


If you notice that it starts to dry as it shapes your hair, you can use a spray bottle to re-wet your curls. This will give you beautiful and distinctive waves


Protect your hair when you sleep


Protecting your hair at night will prevent you from waking up with a complex and messy look.. When you use a silk pillowcase and bonnet, your curls will be more durable.


The most effective method is to collect your hair in the form of a loose ponytail with a satin buckle, cover it with a cap and use a silk pillowcase. If this sounds troublesome, you can start by changing your pillowcase in the first place. This single change will make a big difference because your usual cotton pillowcase will cause you to rub at night and ruin your hair.


3. Use durable and sturdy hair products


In order to highlight your curls and maintain your style for days, your styling products need to be durable depend on your bukle type whether it is (light or extra strong). The choice of foam, gel or cream product is up to you.


The key to soft, well-defined curls comes after you wait for the product you choose to dry out. After giving shape, leave your hair to dry or dry it with a vigo cap. Then rub your palms a little bit of your favorite hair oil and curl your curls. This will break the hair stiffness identified with curl markers and leave you with a perfect curl.


Also, you don’t need to spend money on expensive, salon-quality hair products to give your curls a shape! Each curl will react differently to different products, so try everything you can until you find the products that work best for you.


Do not comb your hair when it is dry


Does anyone remember when their mother brushed her hair, sitting in front of the mirror holding her tears? Trying to open the curls while they are dry can be a definition of disaster. Did we mention that the key to curly hair is moisture? Trying to open your hair when it is dry will only result in frustration and breakage. Instead, gently open your curls using a wide-toothed comb after applying conditioner to your hair in the shower. If you have a particularly stubborn knot, apply a little more conditioner and water to the hair strands and take the time to comb. Do not rush and be patient.


5. Never dry your hair with a towel


Friction is the biggest enemy of curly hair. Similar to sleeping with satin or silk products, you also need to be extremely gentle when drying your hair. Instead of rubbing your curls with a regular towel and crushing them, use a microfiber cloth or cotton T-shirt. After you have removed excess product and moisture from your hair, let it dry outdoors.

Cut your hair to the right person


Getting your hair cut to a curly hair specialist is the best thing you can do for your hair. Curly haircuts are more expensive than those of straight hair, but you already need hairdressers less often. Curly hair cannot be cut in the same way as straight hair, and experts work with your curls to help restore your curls shape and make sure your curls are shaped and stretched beautifully.