6 Curly hair care tips to suit each curl type

Curly hair has its own charm and striking appearance. Without the necessary care, lifelessness, breakage and fraying are inevitable. For this reason, it is useful to follow a care routine for your curly hair.  We have compiled 6 care tips for you that every curly hair type can use, regardless of your curly type…


1. Shape your hair when it is wet


If you think you are using the right products and have mastered a technique but are still struggling with the frizzy, long-lasting obscure curls, it is time to re-examine your styling process.


You need to style your hair either while it is still in the shower or just after you go out. Because curly hair needs moisture, and if it does not get fully wet while styling your hair, you will always experience some electrification. Your styling products help trap moisture, make your curls prominent, and keep everything in place. If you apply the mentioned products to the hair that has already started to bulge and dry after the shower, you will get this effect exactly.


If you notice that it starts to dry as it shapes your hair, you can use a spray bottle to re-wet your curls. This will give you beautiful and distinctive waves


Protect your hair when you sleep


Protecting your hair at night will prevent you from waking up with a complex and messy look.. When you use a silk pillowcase and bonnet, your curls will be more durable.


The most effective method is to collect your hair in the form of a loose ponytail with a satin buckle, cover it with a cap and use a silk pillowcase. If this sounds troublesome, you can start by changing your pillowcase in the first place. This single change will make a big difference because your usual cotton pillowcase will cause you to rub at night and ruin your hair.


3. Use durable and sturdy hair products


In order to highlight your curls and maintain your style for days, your styling products need to be durable depend on your bukle type whether it is (light or extra strong). The choice of foam, gel or cream product is up to you.


The key to soft, well-defined curls comes after you wait for the product you choose to dry out. After giving shape, leave your hair to dry or dry it with a vigo cap. Then rub your palms a little bit of your favorite hair oil and curl your curls. This will break the hair stiffness identified with curl markers and leave you with a perfect curl.


Also, you don’t need to spend money on expensive, salon-quality hair products to give your curls a shape! Each curl will react differently to different products, so try everything you can until you find the products that work best for you.


Do not comb your hair when it is dry


Does anyone remember when their mother brushed her hair, sitting in front of the mirror holding her tears? Trying to open the curls while they are dry can be a definition of disaster. Did we mention that the key to curly hair is moisture? Trying to open your hair when it is dry will only result in frustration and breakage. Instead, gently open your curls using a wide-toothed comb after applying conditioner to your hair in the shower. If you have a particularly stubborn knot, apply a little more conditioner and water to the hair strands and take the time to comb. Do not rush and be patient.


5. Never dry your hair with a towel


Friction is the biggest enemy of curly hair. Similar to sleeping with satin or silk products, you also need to be extremely gentle when drying your hair. Instead of rubbing your curls with a regular towel and crushing them, use a microfiber cloth or cotton T-shirt. After you have removed excess product and moisture from your hair, let it dry outdoors.

Cut your hair to the right person


Getting your hair cut to a curly hair specialist is the best thing you can do for your hair. Curly haircuts are more expensive than those of straight hair, but you already need hairdressers less often. Curly hair cannot be cut in the same way as straight hair, and experts work with your curls to help restore your curls shape and make sure your curls are shaped and stretched beautifully.








How to prepare moisturizing creams for dry hair

Today, we will show you how to prepare moisturizing creams for dry hair, with simple ingredients that will restore your hair’s health and beauty and get rid of the roughness of its texture, bearing in mind that we introduced you to the best hair softening cream.


Many women suffer from the problem of dry hair, which causes brittleness and loss of elasticity and luster. This problem can be a result of various factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, the use of strong chemicals in hair care products, or the frequent use of thermal hair styling tools, from here. The importance of using the right creams.


How to prepare a moisturizing cream for dry hair


You can prepare a moisturizing cream for dry hair using natural ingredients available at home. Here is a simple and effective recipe for making moisturizing cream for dry hair

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of beeswax 1 medium spoon of shea butter 4 tablespoons of sesame oil 1 tablespoon of coconut butter 2 tablespoons of olive oil

How to prepare: Mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl and place it in a water bath until the ingredients dissolve and become homogeneous. Leave the mixture to cool slightly, then mix it well until it becomes creamy and thick. You can store the cream in a sealed container and use it when needed.


In order to be able to use a moisturizing cream for dry hair, it is necessary to adhere to this set of steps:


Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water and avoid using hot water that dries out the hair. After washing your hair, spread an appropriate amount of cream on your hair evenly, focusing on split ends and dry areas. Leave the cream on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour, then wash it with cold or lukewarm water This process can be repeated twice a week for best results.

By following these steps and using a dry hair moisturizing cream made from natural ingredients, you will notice a significant improvement in the appearance and health of your hair.

5 tips that guarantee the treatment of hair loss for women within weeks

Today, we tell you about tips that guarantee the treatment of hair loss for women. You will notice its effect by reducing this problem within weeks, as well as restoring health and luster to its locks, and enhancing the strength and growth of its follicles.


Hair loss is one of the most prominent aesthetic problems that women suffer from, and if it is neglected, it will cause other problems, such as baldness, hair breakage, weakness and dullness. To avoid this, you must adhere to the application of the following tips.


Providing nutrients that are beneficial to hair


It is difficult for many women to treat hair loss for women, believing that the preparations intended for that are sufficient, but ensuring their effectiveness is by providing the body with nutrients important for hair growth and treating weak follicles that cause hair breakage, such as iron, vitamin E and biotin, and among the important foods in this context are grains, vegetables Paper and fish.




Here, we stress the need to conduct blood tests that show what nutrients you are severely deficient in, in order to replace them with foods and nutritional supplements if necessary.


Live a healthy lifestyle


Bad lifestyle habits, such as staying up late, lethargy, eating unhealthy foods, and smoking, cause many aesthetic problems, most notably hair loss. Hence, the need to completely refrain from practicing it, and to live a healthy lifestyle.


Take advantage of the properties of natural oils


Use natural oils that treat hair problems, especially those that strengthen the follicles and promote their growth, such as castor oil and coconut oil, whether by adding a few drops of them to the shampoo, or by massaging your scalp with it 3 hours before taking a shower.


Reducing the use of thermal styling tools


Thermal styling tools destroy hair health, and it is one of the most common causes of hair loss. If you want to solve this problem, you must stop using it during the period during which you treat it.


Scalp massage


It is a very important step, as it enhances blood circulation in this area, thus allowing the distribution of hair nutrients found in hair care products or oils that you use, to penetrate deeply and strengthen the follicles.

Hair lotion 5 natural recipes

Let’s learn what follows on ways to make hair lotion from simple natural and household ingredients.


Natural recipes for the manufacture of hair lotion

Apply the following recipes to get a natural and nourishing hair wash:


1. Nettle lotion

If you want to stimulate hair growth and germination, you can prepare this natural shampoo and use it regularly instead of your regular shampoo.


the components

Before you begin, prepare the following ingredients:


1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

1 teaspoon of baking soda.

10 drops of rosemary oil.

1 teaspoon of turmeric.

1 teaspoon of coconut oil.

2-3 bunches of nettle herb.

Method of preparation and use

To prepare and use this lotion, follow these steps:


Soak the nettles in hot water, and filter the water from the nettles when the water temperature drops.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the nettle infusion you just got, and stir well.

Pour the soaking water on the scalp and hair, and massage well for several minutes, then wash the hair and scalp one last time with water.

The benefits of this type of hair wash are not only limited to hair growth, but because of its unique ingredients, it may have many other benefits, such as: soothing the scalp, moisturizing the hair, and fighting scalp infections.


2. Clay lotion and tea tree oil

Unlike the previous recipe, the ingredients of this lotion make it closer to regular shampoo, especially since it turns into soap bubbles and foam when exposed to water, and this lotion is specifically recommended for oily hair.


the components

Before you begin, prepare these ingredients:


¼ cup of liquid Castile soap.

2 teaspoons of tea tree oil.

2 tablespoons of green clay powder.

2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

A handful of dried rosemary leaves.

4 tablespoons of green tea.

⅓ cup of jojoba oil.

⅓ cup of water.

Method of preparation and use

To prepare and use this lotion, do the following:


Soak the rosemary leaves in warm water, then filter the water and set it aside.

In a deep saucepan, combine the dry ingredients, then start adding the liquid soap while stirring.

Add the rest of the liquid ingredients, including the rosemary leaf infusion.

Store the resulting shampoo in a closed package in the refrigerator, and use it when needed as a shampoo substitute.

Using this type of hair wash can help stimulate hair growth and give it a soft look without stripping it of its natural oils and fats.


Lemon lotion

To prepare a lemon hair rinse, do the following:


Mix a quarter cup of lemon juice with a cup of warm water.

After you finish cleaning the hair with water and shampoo, pour the mixture on the scalp and hair, taking care to massage the scalp and distribute the liquid to all areas of the hair.

After a few minutes, wash the hair using water.

This recipe may help stimulate hair germination and speed up its growth, but you must be careful, as lemon hair lotion may not suit everyone, especially those with brown hair, as lemon may lighten the color of brown hair, and it may also cause dry hair, so it is preferable not to use This recipe is overkill.


4. Aloe vera gel lotion

To prepare this type of hair wash, you can follow the following simple steps:


Using an electric mixer, mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with two cups of water.

Then store the mixture in a container to use it later in the final rinse of the hair after you have finished cleaning the hair.

You can repeat this method once a week to get the best results.

This type of hair wash may help moisturize and soften hair and improve scalp health.


5. Baking soda lotion

It is possible to use this lotion as a substitute for shampoo, and these are its ingredients and the way it is prepared and used:


the components

Start by preparing these ingredients first:


½ cup of baking soda.


A few drops of several types of essential oils.

A little apple cider vinegar lotion, which you can get by mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water.

Method of preparation and use

To prepare and use this type of hair wash, all you need to do is follow the following:


In a deep bowl, mix baking soda, water, and essential oils, until you get the consistency you want.

After wetting your hair and scalp with water, you may gently massage the scalp and hair using the mixture obtained in the previous point.

Leave the mixture on the hair for a minute, then wash it well with water.

After making sure that the hair is completely free of soda residue, rinse the hair one last time using an apple cider vinegar rinse.

This lotion may help clean the scalp of accumulated dirt, but it should be noted that experts warn against using this recipe on a daily basis, as it is preferable to use it only at intervals, because it may have complications and potential damage to the hair if it is used excessively.


Benefits of natural hair lotion

Here is a list of the most prominent potential benefits of natural hair lotion:


Providing hair with a good dose of useful substances that may help nourish it from the roots.

Stimulating the restoration of the acid-base balance in the scalp.

Cleaning scalp pores from accumulated dirt.

Strengthening hair and increasing its softness.

Regulating sebum secretions in the scalp, which may help reduce hair loss and get rid of dandruff.

Moisturizing locks of hair and reducing frizz and frizziness.

Silky keratin for coarse curly hair at home

Silky keratin for coarse curly hair at home, if you suffer from frizzy hair or coarse hair and are looking for a natural solution at the lowest costs, away from expensive hair care products that leave side effects on the hair; To enter some chemicals in its manufacture, you can prepare natural keratin at home through some available natural ingredients that do not require purchase costs, as the main ingredient is starch rich in many amino acids and nutrients that nourish and soften hair by playing the role of keratin in Hair straightening process.


Silky keratin for coarse curly hair at home


To every girl and woman who dreams of turning her coarse and curly hair into silk strands, you need some simple natural ingredients that you have at home; To get a magic recipe for straightening and smoothing your hair through the following ingredients:


the components:


Five tablespoons of starch, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of sesame oil, two tablespoons of white honey, one tablespoon of yogurt. Method of preparation: First, bring a suitable bowl to mix the ingredients. Then put The ingredients are inside the bowl with stirring. Then, mix the ingredients well until completely homogeneous to obtain a creamy mixture. How to use on the hair: First, the hair is clean, washed with shampoo and lukewarm water, and dried well. When the hair is completely dry, you have to divide the hair into tufts. Then after So, put a sufficient amount of the mixture on each strand of hair to complete the application of the mixture on the hair completely with a light massage. Then cover the hair with a thermal cap intended for hair for a period of not less than an hour, and preferably more according to desire. After the time is up, wash your hair well with water and your own suitable shampoo. For the nature of your hair. Finally, dry your hair well, and you will notice the difference in transforming your coarse hair into smooth hair like silk from the first use. You can repeat the preparation of this mask and apply it on the hair in the same way twice a week for three months to get the best impressive results and maintain the softness and moisture of the hair.


How to make a special conditioner for dry and curly hair

In the nineties, the trend of curly hair spread around the head, which gives women a strong and beloved gypsy look, and this trend has returned once again to see women with radiant curls we envy about their curls, and we wish we had them in a natural way without the need for hair dryers and electric irons. But in fact, people with curly hair are not so lucky, these wonderful curly hair need special care to appear the perfect shape we desire, and even little girls with curly hair need special products, and of course there is nothing better than the natural products that you use in The house is to take care of your beauty and the beauty of your daughters, because they are healthy and natural, so here we will tell you how to make a wonderful conditioner and moisturizer for curly hair at home, and young and old can use it without any worries.

How to make a special conditioner for curly and curly hair

Benefits of the ingredients used:

Glycerin : Glycerin is a sugar alcohol that is made from vegetable fats. It is used in many beauty products for its moisturizing and softening benefits. Glycerin is hygroscopic, that is, it pulls moisture from the air and keeps it in the hair. Therefore, small amounts of it must be used so as not to end hair wrinkles and make it droopy.

Aloe vera gel : Aloe vera gel is obtained from the aloe vera plant, inside the leaves, and is wonderful in moisturizing both the hair and the skin, and the aloe vera not only attracts moisture to the hair but also locks it inside, and it is rich in minerals beneficial to the body, including hair and skin.

Essential oils : You can choose oils freely, as they add a good smell to the recipe, as well as increase its benefits, and you can choose from oils such as lavender, orange, rosemary, or any other type you like.

Homemade conditioner for curly hair:

This amount makes a quarter cup of conditioner.


  • A tablespoon of aloe vera gel, or the juice of aloe vera itself.
  • A tablespoon and a half of glycerin, but this depends on the quality of your hair and the dryness of it. If your hair is medium dry, you can use one tablespoon or less, and if it is very dry, we recommend a tablespoon and a half.
  • 5 tablespoons of water, either mineral water or previously boiled and cooled.
  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oils, lavender, orange, rosemary or any other kind.

Method :

  1. In a bottle with a spray head attached, mix the ingredients, then start shaking the bottle until they are completely mixed.
  2. This balm is stored at normal room temperature.
  3. Use on wet hair (can be used on dry hair, but for better results wet hair).
  4. Leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes and then comb your hair.


Diversity of the recipe : If you do not have aloe vera, you can make a moisturizer without it, sometimes I used water and glycerin only when I did not have aloe vera gel, but aloe vera is characterized by its high moisturizing capabilities, as well as to keep hair wrinkles in the same shape throughout the day, and to make the recipe without Aloe vera only remove and use the same amounts of the rest.

The effect of the weather on the hair : Glycerin may cause an increase in hair curls and volume when it is applied to the hair in a humid atmosphere, because glycerin attracts moisture from the air, so if you are staying in a very humid place, this may harm your hair or your daughter’s hair, so reduce its quantity by half in the recipe.

Make your hair curly with lemon without haircuts

Do you spend a lot of time styling your hair and getting curly hair for a long time? Today, we show you a simple trick suitable for long hair and getting curly hair, by using lemon instead of harsh hair products. This is because once you apply lemon directly to your hair, you will get strong hair. And if your hair is dry, you can juice lemon and dilute it with water and mix them together in a spray bottle to give your hair a shine for a longer period, in addition to that lemon protects your hair from sunlight.


What you need is as follows:

Get curly hair the natural way 2

  • Hair brush .
  • hair pins
  • Hair rollers.
  • Lemon and cut it in half.
  • A spray bottle to mix lemon and water if you decide to dilute the lemon.

Lemon curly hair

1. Doing this process at night is better before going to sleep, wash and dry your hair well and divide it into two parts so that you can apply the balls in all parts of your hair and divide the hair into small parts in case you want to get tight curls and in case you want to get curly Loose, you can divide the hair into larger parts.

2. Hold half a lemon in your hands and the other hand contains a part of the hair and rub the hair with the lemon until the texture of the hair appears wet, then brush the hair until the lemon is distributed in this part of the hair and when finished, wrap the hair with balls.

3. Repeat these steps with all parts of the hair until it is all wet with lemon and wrapped with balls. In the case of diluting the lemon, you can put lemon juice with a quantity of water in a spray bottle and spray the hair parts with it before wrapping it with balls.

4. Leave the balls in the hair all night and in the morning untie the balls and get curly hair.

Here are additional benefits of lemon when applied to your hair:

Lemon is one of the most common fruits because it contains many nutrients. Since ancient times lemon has been used as a very effective preservative. And the presence of lemon fruits in your daily meals protects the body from many diseases. And when you consume lemon regularly, you can get important minerals and vitamins for the body, thus helping the body to stay healthy and fight against malignant diseases.

Lemon has a high nutritional value as it is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B, riboflavin and carbohydrates. Thus, lemon juice is very good in treating colds and helps in speeding up skin healing, maintaining healthy gums, and speeding up the healing of burns. It is also an effective natural antiseptic.

Treating digestive problems:

Because of its high acidity, some people may experience digestive problems and find lemon juice to be a good remedy. This is because lemon juice helps relieve nausea, indigestion, cramping, bloating and constipation, in addition to treating heartburn. It also helps the body to digest food better because it helps the liver to produce more bile.

Maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels:

One of the most common benefits of lemon juice is that it has a high ability to improve blood circulation. This is due to the fact that it contains a high percentage of calcium. It also helps protect the heart and control high blood pressure. Its benefits may even extend to the brain because it can help relieve dizziness, stress, depression and increase feelings of relaxation.

Treating skin problems:

This is because it is a good antiseptic, because it helps keep the skin healthy, helps treat sunburn, relieve insect bites, treat eczema and acne, and is effective in resisting aging, getting rid of wrinkles and pimples, and keeping the skin healthy from scars

The right way to wash curly hair

Do you have curly hair and you can’t control it and curly hair needs you a lot of time to take care of it? We offer you the right way to wash curly hair

The right way to wash curly hair

When showering, it is preferable to wash hair with cold water, because cold water will help dry your hair

The right way to wash curly hair 1

Use a good hair shampoo.

The right way to wash curly hair 2

Put the shampoo and rub the hair from the roots to the ends. Until the shampoo goes into the roots of the hair and works to moisturize the hair.

The right way to wash curly hair 3

Wash the hair well and make sure that the shampoo does not leave any trace on the hair.

The right way to wash curly hair 4

Apply conditioner for your hair, and this is the most important step when washing curly hair, because it moisturizes the hair, nourishes the hair with vitamins, and rubs the hair well.

The right way to wash curly hair 5

Wash the conditioner well, with cold water.


The right way to wash curly hair 6

After you are done, you can get out of the bathroom, and it is preferable not to put a towel on the head and rub the hair well until the water on it dries up.

The correct way to wash curly hair 7

You can use your own hair care products that are suitable for your hair.


Now you can comb your hair Baltsarih appropriate to him.

Tips :

  • Do not try to wash the ends of your hair with shampoo, as it will dry out your hair.
  • It is preferable not to use a dry towel to dry your hair, and you can leave it in the air to dry.
  • Do not touch your hair, after doing a hairstyle.


warning :

When washing hair with shampoo or conditioner, avoid not putting it in the eyes because it is very harmful.

you will need me

  • shampoo .
  • Balsam hair .
  • generation.
  • a brush .


Natural ingredients to get rid of frizz

We offer you a natural mask that straightens curly hair by using glycerin, which helps straighten hair without having to use any chemicals. Learn with us how to apply it to your hair to say goodbye to dry hair completely while continuing to use this mixture, according to the “beauty care ” website.

Curly hair straightening mask
Mix olive oil with castor oil and glycerin oil in equal quantities, and put it on the hair for eight hours and cover it with a plastic cap.
Glycerin oil can also be mixed with lavender oil and massaged into the scalp.
Rinse the hair with warm water to get a distinctive result, provided that the recipe is repeated twice a week