6 benefits of turmeric lemon juice … the most prominent of which is that it protects the liver and reduces depression


Lemon juice with turmeric is a healthy and refreshing drink that has many health benefits, for the treatment of a number of diseases, including loss of appetite, wound healing, diabetes, liver disease, arthritis, inflammatory diseases and others, and according to the boldsky site report we monitor the most important health benefits of turmeric lemon juice as follows:

Alzheimer’s treatment

Lemon juice with turmeric helps suppress oxidative damage to the brain, reduce inflammation and prevent cognitive decline and amyloid accumulation, and this can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and may help prevent the deterioration of cases with this disease.



Lemon juice with turmeric acts as an antidepressant, and it may help reduce symptoms of depression such as anxiety, fatigue, loss of interest, loss of appetite, sleep problems, irritability, anger, mood swings and suicidal thoughts, due to the antioxidants that help in the proper functioning of the brain.


According to a study, curcumin can cause programmed cell death and reduce the risk of cancer, and another study indicates that the coumarin in lemon peel has promising chemical protective agents.


One study indicates that citric acid helps reduce oxidative stress caused by endotoxins and may prevent the liver from damage. Curcumin also has a protective effect on the liver against oxidative stress caused by mercury, and lemon juice with turmeric helps protect the liver and improve its functions.


It strengthens immunity

The antioxidant activity of both lime and turmeric fuel in lymphocytes – white blood cells that help fight infections – and macrophages in strengthening the immune system.

To treat wounds

Both vitamin C and curcumin have wound-healing capabilities, both of which help further increase granulation tissue formation and heal wounds at a faster rate, and help prevent the risk of wound infections due to their antibacterial activities.

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