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5 ways to get rid of sugar addiction.. including drinking water

The food industry has managed to control not only our taste buds, but also our brain chemistry and hormones. We blame ourselves for consuming too much sugar. But even those who understand how the hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar cravings work are having a hard time harnessing the tools to combat them when billions of dollars are funneled into driving this biological disorder. The prospect of giving up sugar completely may seem daunting, but it is possible to learn how to cut down on sugar, according to realsimple.

Here are some proven techniques to help you break your sugar addiction for good

1 – Get more sleep

People don’t realize it, but not sleeping well can affect your sugar cravings. “Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to increased cravings for sweets,” says Samantha Cassetti. “Besides making some changes in diet, it is important to look at your sleep patterns. To help reduce cravings, aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night.”

2 – Know the difference between desire and hunger

Often times when we think we are hungry, we are actually just feeling the craving. What is the difference? Next time you want to reach for that chocolate brownie, ask yourself: If the only thing I had to eat right now was an apple, would I eat it? If the answer is no, you are probably craving and not actually hungry. When you’re hungry, what you want to eat is elastic, and when you feel like eating, it’s not. Next time you answer “no” to this question, take 20 minutes before you act on it. Often you will find that the desire goes away; If you don’t allow yourself to indulge carefully .

3 – Add some protein to a high-carb breakfast

A study that looked at MRI scans of people who ate a high-protein breakfast found reduced activity in areas of the brain associated with cravings for sugar, so try adding some protein to your breakfast. Serve cereal hot or cold with some Greek yogurt, or Have it with a few eggs on the side to increase your protein intake. If you’re eating bread or toast, include some smoked salmon for the protein benefits.”

4 – Refrain from consuming sugar in non-sweet foods

If you can’t give up ice cream and chocolate, try eliminating ketchup and ketchup. “Sugar is in many condiments and sauces, and one has to be careful not to assume that it shouldn’t contain sugar and sugar is in many kinds,” says Eileen Rohui, MD, PhD, an internist in pediatrics and adult medicine. of ketchup, mustard, ketchup, marinara and other sauces. It can also be found in some meals like sushi rice and polenta.”

5- Drink more waterPeople often confuse thirst and one simple way to deal with sugar addiction is to drink more water.” “It is an excellent alternative to other drinks and helps with feelings of fullness, which can prevent accidental snacking on sugary foods. In one study, people who increased their daily water intake decreased their daily sugar intake

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