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5 healthy alternatives to coffee

Of course, coffee has many benefits, but drinking too much coffee may also be harmful. Learn with us about 5 amazing alternatives to coffee:


– Warm ginseng drink:


Two tablespoons of ginseng powder with a little warm almond milk, adding a little honey and cinnamon. A refreshing morning drink that gives you a boost of adrenaline and saves you from drinking large amounts of coffee.



Dandelion herbal coffee:


Drink a little dandelion drink mixed with ginseng to get a taste similar to coffee



– Matcha green tea:


It is a strong and beneficial drink, and it contains a high percentage of antioxidants and energy stimulants in the body, because you swallow the rich powder and not just the tea herbs.



– Lemon water:


Yes, it is a far cry from coffee, but drinking a cup of warm water with lemon in the morning helps stimulate the liver and get rid of toxins from the body.



Single-origin coffee:


Coffee extracted from bad coffee beans contains fungal toxins that make coffee less healthy. If you are a coffee lover, be sure to know the origin of the coffee beans before consuming them in order to obtain the greatest amount of their health benefits. It is known that the best types of coffee are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, and you can Ask the coffee  seller about its source.

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