3 things clean daily to prevent disease and corona


Although the Corona virus epidemic was difficult for all of us, but it taught us a lot of good things such as maintaining hygiene and disinfecting the surfaces around us that can carry germs, bacteria and viruses without knowing, and with the start of the flu season besides the threat of the Corona virus, we must focus on taking all preventive measures Where you must start cleaning and sterilizing the things that carry the most germs and they must be clean often to reduce the risk of disease, we know in this report the most prominent things that must be cleaned constantly.

3 things I clean daily to prevent disease and corona

the smartphone

Your smartphone is home to various types of germs and disease-causing bacteria. We carry our cell phones with us to all places and what we don’t know is that our most valuable asset is full of germs, including Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, and bacteria. In fact, according to a study, our cell phone contains bacteria. 10 times more than a toilet seat.

Gags or masks

Masks have become the new normal during the pandemic. They protect the entry of bacteria and viruses into our respiratory system, but when we go out, masks are exposed to dirt, pollen and different types of germs. When you wear the same mask again without washing it, all dirt and germs enter your respiratory system, which increases the chances. You get sick in winter, even air pollution gets worse, making mask cleaning even more important.

Door handles Doorknobs are the third most important thing that must be cleaned regularly, especially the main door, the main door handles are touched by several people in one day even when they come from the outside, you open the door with your hands loaded with germs and viruses, you enter the house and wash your hands during that, all are transferred The germs on your hands reach the knob. Therefore, it is important to clean them several times a day.

These three things are the most important things that you should clean 2-3 times a day to reduce the risk of disease. These things carry the most germs compared to other things and should not be taken lightly.

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