3 steps to a glossy tan

3 steps to a glossy tan

To maintain healthy skin after sun exposure, and to ensure the best results for a longer-lasting tan for a healthy glow year-round, here are 3 steps you need to take after sun exposure:

The first step

Tanning can dry out the skin, leaving you feeling thirsty, dizzy and dehydrated. Hence, drinking water immediately after spending time in the sun is very essential.

The second step

Apply a good quality moisturizer to your skin immediately after sun exposure to help soothe the skin and replenish moisture. Bring your moisturizer to the beach right after your tanning session.

The third step

Intensive, frequent tanning beds can damage the skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. While a small number of sessions may affect the color and start to fade, it is advised to be careful and wait two or three days before heading to the beach again.

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