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5 things you need to know about botox injections

When it is said that aging is no longer an obsession for women thanks to scientific and technological progress that restores the face

The skin is rejuvenated by means of a cosmetic scalpel, botox injections and other means. There is definitely no exaggeration.

Today, we are in a time of permanent youth that does not wither or age, and a woman in her fifties appears to be in her twenties.

Botox is a pioneer in the field, and its tremendous ability to tighten the skin and prevent sagging, and due to its popularity

And its importance I want to give you some information about it:


It is important to undergo medical examinations before undergoing Botox injections.

Sometimes the materials in these injections are suitable for one body without the other, which leads to a fear that the operation will not succeed,

and not getting the expected result, so we always advise you to consult a doctor,

Take the tests, then go to these injections.


Know that the side effects of these injections differ from one woman to another, and from one skin to another.

The repercussions cannot be the same for all women.

Even if the treatment is the same.


Prices vary from one Botox injection to another, and there is no uniform price between these injections,

Because the materials in which they are placed are not the same, therefore, no result can be expected from cheap materials

The price has not proven its effectiveness with experiments, and it is always better to choose the effective type and stay away from what is cheap or cheap.


It is necessary not to exaggerate the amount of Botox applied to the face.

And not to turn it into an obsession, because you will get an icy look with tight skin,

Completely devoid of emotions and feelings. Perhaps the worst outcome of Botox.


Before resorting to this treatment, and if you have previously had injections,

You have to be honest with the doctor as much as possible, and tell him about your history with plastic surgery,

Because all the information is valuable before resorting to Botox injections again.


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