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3 home masks to take care of your skin using oats

Oats help you restore the freshness and health of your skin, and it is the main ingredient in the easiest and most popular homemade masks.



There are many benefits of oatmeal for the skin and the body, as it is rich in nutritional supplements necessary for your body, which is why it is used in healthy meals and home masks for skin care.


Oatmeal masks are characterized by their high ability to moisturize and clean the skin, and can restore the freshness of your skin and help you get rid of acne and blackheads. These masks exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen production.


These home masks are mostly suitable for all skin types, and their ingredients can be changed according to what suits your skin needs.


Here are 3 oatmeal masks with different benefits to take better care of your skin:


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1. Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask:


Put a tablespoon of oats + a spoon of honey + two tablespoons of milk + yogurt + a quarter of a spoon of rose water.


Mix the ingredients and apply it to your skin until it dries, then wash your face with warm water. You can use this mask day in and day out.

This mask will help you get rid of pimples and blackheads.


2. Almond and Oat Mask:


2 tablespoons of liquid milk + 1 tablespoon of ground almonds + 1 tablespoon of oats


Mix the ingredients until homogeneous and apply the mixture on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash your skin and dry it with a soft towel.

You can get great benefits by mixing almonds, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, with oats, which contain nutritional supplements that help you tighten and restore the skin’s youthfulness.


3. Coconut and Oat Mask:


Half a cup of oats + half a cup of brown sugar + half a cup of coconut oil + a spoonful of olive oil.


Mix the ingredients and put them in an airtight container. Gently rub it on your skin for no more than 5 minutes. You can use the same mixture to exfoliate the skin of the body as well.

This mask helps you get rid of dead skin cells so that you get smooth skin.

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