YouTube reveals new developments in the worlds of Metaverse and NFT


NFT and digital asset ownership will give YouTubers new opportunities

YouTube reveals new developments in the worlds of “Metaverse” and NFT

YouTube had revealed that after analyzing the technologies made available by the “Web 3”, such as: non-fungible tokens (NFTs), i.e. digital assets registered on a distributed database called the “Blockchain”, he noticed that different things such as: art, music and GIF files Animations, videos, and even personal photos can be converted to NFT, the term referring to proof of ownership of a digital asset, which helps to preserve the exclusive rights to a video or image after it has been posted on the Internet, in a way to protect against copying. In this context, YouTube believes that integrating blockchain with NFT into the existing system, will give fan designers the opportunity to partner on special projects, and earn money in ways that were not possible before. So, YouTube fans can sell content in NFT format.

Metaverse and games.. for a more vibrant social experience

One of the possibilities for urgent updates on YouTube is that the site will allow users to watch videos together in a virtual reality based on the “Metaverse” technology.

YouTube has reported that it is giving digital virtual reality technology (Metaverse) a priority; It is known that “Metaverse” represents one of the elements of “Web 3”, a network that is based on virtual spaces in which humans integrate, to deal with augmented virtual reality through their avatars. However, there are no fixed ideas in this area, according to YouTube officials, although one possibility is to allow users to watch videos together in a virtual reality based on the “Metaverse” technology.
In another context, officials in the Google subsidiary confirmed that during the coming period, the focus will also be on video clips related to games, as technology will be harnessed to provide a more social viewing experience for gaming content, in a way that helps connect artists with their audiences on a deeper level, and in bringing More interactions with games, as well as in making users feel more alive while playing. “It’s still early days, but the company is excited to see how we can turn these virtual worlds into reality for viewers,” said Neil Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube

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