What you are about to do can change a child’s life forever.


In the world today, millions of children are under the threat of deadly hunger due to wars and disasters. Every 15 seconds, a child dies from malnutrition. About 15,000 children die every day from preventable causes. One in four children live in areas affected by wars or disasters. Every child has the right to grow up healthy, live his childhood, and have equal opportunities with his peers!


Why a regular monthly donation?


UNICEF works for the rights of all children around the world, especially for the most vulnerable and needy. As the largest humanitarian agency for children’s rights, we work with families, communities and governments in over 190 countries to address the root causes of problems that directly affect children.

In different parts of the world, as violent conflicts or natural disasters raise humanitarian needs to critical levels, children are the most vulnerable group. When the effects of wars and drought combine, the hunger crises can never end. Unfortunately, millions of children in many countries are in the grip of hunger. When hygienic conditions are deteriorated and access to clean water is not possible, infectious diseases impair the health of children. When crises occur in the fields of access to clean water, health and nutrition, the protection of children, their access to education, and their childhood remain in the background. UNICEF, together with its humanitarian partners, responds to more than 300 emergencies each year. With the impact of increasing disasters due to COVID-19 and climate change, our need for resources for humanitarian aid is constantly increasing. Alongside its ongoing development programs in more than 190 countries, by 2022, UNICEF’s goal is to reach 327 million people, including 177.7 million children, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, affected by climate and environmental crises, or living in conflict zones. Compared to 2021, our need for resources has increased by 31%.

Thanks to our regular donors, it is possible for UNICEF to reach the most vulnerable children in the midst of humanitarian crises and to carry out long-term development programs so that every child can achieve all their rights. Each of our regular donors is our reason for happiness at every stage of our work.

A child is a child, regardless of the circumstances in which they were born. Every child has the right to protection and access to health and education opportunities. He has the right to have fun, to explore, to know life. Every child should live his childhood… Every child should have every right…

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