You will not suffer from yellowing teeth after trying this powerful mixture


With natural ingredients found in every home at no cost, and also help to remove yellow permanently in just two minutes and every girl is looking for a way to clean and whiten teeth immediately, and today our recipe is very useful and effective in whitening teeth and removing yellowness immediately from the first use, and there are many recipes for teeth whitening , where teeth are a source of beauty for all women, girls, men and children as well, and here we offer you one of the most successful recipes.


the ingredients


Two tablespoons of turmeric,

juice of a whole lemon,

one tablespoon of starch,

a toothbrush


How to prepare


We offer you the simplest and easiest way to prepare the recipe at home in very simple steps without cost or hassle, which is as follows: we bring a small bowl and put turmeric in it, then put a quarter of a cup of water and mix them well. Then we bring a bowl and put the starch in it, then add lemon juice and mix them well, and we continue to Stir until well blended and creamy.

How to use: We will learn how to use it in a very impressive way and get the best results that are impressive and very impressive, which are as follows: Before using the mixture, we wash the mouth until it becomes free of anything before putting the mixture on the teeth.



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