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Yeast and olive oil to soften dry skin

Women with dry skin suffer from severe dryness of the skin, so they must constantly use moisturizing and softening masks. One of the best and most effective of these masks is the yeast mask with olive oil and honey.

the ingredients :-

1- spoon of yeast.

2- Two tablespoons of water.

3- Half a tablespoon of olive oil.




4- A spoonful of apple cider vinegar.

5- Two tablespoons of flour.


First: Dissolve the yeast in the water well until it is completely free of lumps.

Second: Then add honey and flour to the mixture and mix them together well.

Third: Finally, add Al-Fattah vinegar to the mixture and mix the ingredients together to obtain a cohesive creamy texture, then spread the mask on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash your skin with lukewarm water. Note: – Repeat the mask once a week to completely get rid of dry skin and enjoy soft, smooth skin.

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