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Wrong practices against your skin, avoid it - Care Beauty

Wrong practices against your skin, avoid it

Some of the practices that you follow while caring for your skin, thinking that it is the best way to get beautiful, soft and clear skin, may harm your skin. Women spend a lot of time caring for the skin of their faces, because it is the mirror that reflects their true beauty. The method of washing the face plays an important role in preserving its beauty. And its freshness.


However, many women overlook some simple mistakes in the way of washing the face that cause problems for their skin in the long run.


The following are the most important of these mistakes that every woman, who is keen on her beauty, must avoid:


Excessive use of facial tissues:





Many women think that using scented wipes to clean their facial skin helps preserve it, but excessive use of these wipes causes the destruction of the sensitive layer of the skin and leaves the skin exposed to germs and sunlight.


Wrong choice of water temperature:


Extremely hot water causes damage to the facial skin, and very cold water gives similar results. Doctors and beauticians recommend washing the face with lukewarm water, especially in the morning.


Excessive rubbing of the face:


Excessive massaging and rubbing of the face does not help in getting rid of dirt and germs, contrary to what many women think. Rather, it can damage the sensitive outer layer of the facial skin.


Peeling facial :


Facial peeling is a double-edged sword. Repeating peeling several times causes redness and irritation of the skin, and not peeling the skin at all increases the possibility of blackheads forming.


Do not use makeup remover:


Doctors and beauticians confirm that using a makeup remover is necessary to rid the facial skin of stuck dirt and allow the skin to breathe. Washing the face with water is not sufficient to achieve this goal.