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Home hacks to set your makeup for hours

You work so hard and spend a lot of time getting ready for a special occasion, only to get frustrated when you see your flawless makeup fading after a few hours, your skin appearing uneven, and the blotchy spots around your eyes starting to appear! You do not have to worry about this beauty nightmare after today, so here are some easy home tricks that will ensure that your makeup stays put for long periods:


For eyeliner:


To keep the eyeliner on for a longer time, apply a little dark brown eye shadow over it, by gently patting along its length with a very thin brush. You can also replace the powder eye shadow with any black dry eyeliner.


For the foundation cream:


Use a special sponge to apply the foundation cream, but wet it a little before starting it and apply the foundation cream through it downward and in one direction. And for a longer lasting effect, make sure that you apply a moisturizing cream before the foundation, then you can use a compact powder foundation directly after it and apply it with a blush applicator, as it will last longer, especially on oily skin.


For eye shadow:





Use a spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Spray a little water on the brushes that you will use to apply eye shadow, which will make the colors used appear lighter and last longer. But be careful not to spray too much or the eyeshadow will get ruined and end up smudged on your eyes and even your face.


Do not apply eye shadow on dry eyelids, but rather use a primer or concealer to prepare the skin of the eyelid to pick up the color and keep it for a longer time.


For lipstick:


The most common mistake in lip makeup is to put lipstick directly on your lips, instead, apply a little primer, or simply foundation while applying it all over your face!


For body skin:


Do you use foundation to cover blemishes and acne on your shoulders and hands, and worry that the humid weather and sweat might stain it? Use a hairspray and spray it from a distance on your hands and shoulders, but be careful not to stain your clothes!

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