Women’s Secrets 7 Secrets Your Wife Will Never Tell You We Will

No matter how careful and intelligent you are, make sure that there are some things in your wife’s life that she will never tell you about, no matter how bitter it may cost her. Your wife will never tell you about it and we will tell you about it, so keep reading with us


1- She wants you to be more able than her to make money


A woman, no matter how independent she is, and no matter how much you talk about equality between men and women, she always loves you to earn more money because she also loves and feels that you are responsible for the family and its expenses, no matter how much her money and work she has, but she always loves her husband to appear in front of her as capable of Spending on her and the children, and on fulfilling all the requirements of their lives, thus increases his appreciation for her


2- Her own secrets during the celibacy period


Every girl has her own secrets in the pre-marriage period, and it is not necessary that these secrets be related to her relationship with a young man, for example, or her association with a love affair with someone, even though there are a large number of women’s secrets in the life of every girl that she does not like to tell you because she considers them just finished pages from Her life and she wants to start her own and new life with you without relying on the memories of the past, whether they are happy or unhappy memories


3- She also misses intimate relationships


Some husbands think that his wife does not find pleasure in an intimate relationship and does not long for her, but this is wrong, as the woman also finds her pleasure in this relationship, and even misses her as well, but make sure that she will never tell you that, not because it is forbidden, but because the woman is always modest as that Modesty is one of the people of faith. Therefore, if your wife does not talk about this desire, do not think that she does not think about it, rather it is her modesty that prevents her from talking about it with you.


4- She is waiting for a gift from you on every occasion


Every wife, no matter how much she mentions to her husband that she does not expect anything but love and tenderness from him, is in the heart of herself that she wishes and expects from him a specific gift on every occasion that passes them, whether it is on their special occasions such as the date of the engagement, the date of marriage, her birthday, or public occasions such as holidays. Know what your wife needs on every occasion and satisfy this desire for her, because this helps to strengthen the love and bonds between you and builds a bridge of friendship also between you.


5- Sometimes you need silence


Sometimes a woman’s day is also long and crowded, whether it is through her work inside the house or her work outside the house as well and her interest in the children. Therefore, if you find your wife a silent day and do not like to talk to you much, this does not mean that she is sad or that she does not want to talk to you, but all that In the matter, she wants to relax a little and be silent for a while so that she can think about her day and how it passed and what the requirements are required of her for the next day.


– She loves to share everything with her


A woman loves her life partner to be an actual partner for her beard in all matters, even if that is her own business. Therefore, dear husband, try to share with your wife in all matters of her life, even in choosing her clothes and hair style and color. If you find that these matters are somewhat trivial to you, but we It means a lot to a woman and makes her take on you the idea that you care about all her affairs and that you really love her and love to share with her morally and emotionally in everything.


7- You like to be always beautiful and young in your eyes


You may find that your wife cares, and sometimes exaggerates, taking care of herself and her beauty. Do not blame her for that, because she always wants to be in your eyes the most beautiful woman in the world, so try to encourage her always to be beautiful without blaming her, and of course if that does not come at the expense of Her interest in the home and children, as she may ask you for some childish or youthful things that only teenagers do and she wants to do with you, and this is due to the fact that she always likes to appear as small in your eyes


Thus, dear man, these matters every husband conceals from her husband. Therefore, we have opened the treasury of women’s secrets today, and we have shown you among them the most important matters that your wife withholds from you in the shadow of her modesty or her apparent lack of recognition of these matters, but the opposite of these matters may appear to you until you lose sight of the idea that she wants something in particular. We hope that every man has benefited from this information in his dealings with his wife.