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3 things women do that men can’t do

God created man and distinguished him from all other creatures with the mind, and he also created man and woman and made each of them different characteristics and advantages, and perhaps the biggest difference between man and woman is the biological composition. It is difficult for a man to do, and if the first place for this difference is the biological composition, then the environment, culture and other things may play a big role in that as well.


1- Doing several things at the same time


Women can do several jobs at the same time, but men can’t. In a scientific study conducted by psychology professor Keith Laws on 50 men and 50 women, it was found that women can do several jobs at the same time and more efficiently than men. A woman separated from her husband, for example, can work in her job and achieve success in it, take care of children, take care of her beauty and clean herself and her home, unlike a separated man. Do all this effortlessly


2- Understand feelings and emotions


Women always complain about the inability of men to understand their feelings and emotions, and what is interesting is that this claim is actually sound, as some scientific studies conducted on a group of men and women have proven that women have a high ability to understand feelings and emotions, perceive sensations and understand facial expressions as well. Much more than a man can do.


3- Rapid response to crying babies


Surely you have noticed the speed of a woman’s response to an infant who cries more than a man’s response to that, as most men do not pay any attention to the crying of the child, and in a scientific study conducted at the National Institute of Child Health in the United States of America on the mental formation of men and women in the amount of response each of them to the crying of the child It was found that the woman is more affected by the crying of the child than the man and accordingly her response to the crying child is faster.


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