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Women recover from concussions faster than men

A new American study from the University of Pittsburgh, published in the journal Radiology, included imaging the process of recovery from concussion, using a new type of magnetic resonance imaging that includes knowledge of the flow of water through the brain, in what is known as the white matter of the brain, which contains the axons of nerve cells.


The study revealed that women recover from concussion faster than men, as women’s recovery begins early and ends early, which means that they precede men at all stages. While the ages of the people studied ranged between 10 and 50 years, the average age between males and females did not differ significantly, nor did the severity of early symptoms after a concussion.

The main difference between the genders was the speed with which the patient was able to get rid of problems such as headaches, dizziness, skin irritation, difficulties in concentration, or difficulties in memory.

The difference that appeared between the sexes was in the crucial role played by the brain in a specific area of ​​it, which is a hook-shaped bundle made up of neural cables that connect the limbic system in the brain, which was less likely to be torn in women compared to men after a concussion.

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