Simple ideas to get bright white teeth

White teeth are considered the secret to an attractive smile, and in the following article we will talk about some simple ideas and effective ways to polish your teeth and get white teeth.


Firstly, Madam, you should know that your diet greatly affects the color of your teeth, so you should limit your intake of sweets and drinks that contain sugar, in addition to reducing your intake of coffee and tea, as they make the tooth enamel become thinner and more transparent, making the inner layer Darker.


In addition, salt is considered a natural ingredient to polish teeth and make them whiter, but its results will not appear overnight, so one must persevere in using it permanently. Sprinkle a little salt on your toothpaste and then brush your teeth.


Also make sure to eat fruits rich in fiber, such as apples, pears, carrots, and celery, as this will prevent food accumulation on your teeth and clean them.


Also, the substance responsible for teeth whitening, called malic acid, is found in bananas and strawberries. You can rub your teeth with a banana peel or eat fresh strawberries for two weeks to get whiter teeth.


The basic step to getting white teeth is to brush the teeth regularly using a whitening brush and paste, regularly and after meals, so that food does not accumulate and stains do not appear on the teeth.


Always rinse your mouth and rinse your mouth with special sterile rinse, and use dental floss regularly to keep your mouth clean and your teeth white.


Finally, avoid bad habits that cause tooth discoloration and yellowing, such as smoking and excessive tea and coffee, and be careful to maintain moderation in your daily habits.

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