Why do women live longer than men?

It is said that men’s lives are shorter than women’s lives, and their probability of contracting cancer is higher. Geneticists from the Swedish University of Uppsala have discovered that this is due to changes that occur over time in the DNA of normal body cells, and are linked to difficult diseases such as cancer and diabetes. They proved that there is a strong relationship between the loss of Y chromosomes in blood cells and a shortened lifespan in men, as well as the possibility of death due to cancerous tumors, according to what was stated on the “Science Daily” website.


This discovery indicates that analysis of the Y chromosome could become a useful marker in predicting the possibility of cancer in the future. It is known that the Y chromosome is only found in men, and that the genes in it contribute to determining sex and producing sperm.

Scientists have studied blood samples of more than 1,600 elderly men, and it has been shown that these chromosomes play an important role in fighting tumors and explain why men are more susceptible to cancer than women, as the white blood cells’ loss of the “Y chromosomes” is the predominant genetic changes occurring in the body’s cells.

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