When are our decisions “sound” in situations involving food?

Most of us are exposed to some situations in which we may not realize what is the “best” and most appropriate option that we can adopt.

We often find ourselves letting our “desires” guide us without actually thinking about the most appropriate and beneficial decision.

The problem also lies in the lack of accurate knowledge of the optimal behavior in some situations.

What is the most appropriate behavior in some situations so that we do not make decisions that may harm our overall health in the long run?




“I feel hungry during the afternoon and I feel like I will eat everything I can see.”

Feeling hungry during the afternoon is not something that can be taken lightly.

At this time of the day, many people may tend to make the wrong decision, such as eating unhealthy meals such as fast food full of fat.

This period of the day is considered a sensitive period as it is close to the end of the day and therefore the body no longer needs the large amount of energy that it needs at the beginning of the day.

During this period of the day, we are more in need of healthy meals that suppress hunger until dinner comes and at the same time do not contain a large amount of fats and sugars.

It is a mistake to choose to eat fatty meals because you will eat dinner after a period that is not long.

Here, try to choose snacks such as biscuits made from whole grains or that do not contain large amounts of sugar. You can also choose nuts such as pistachios and almonds as an alternative to eating fatty meals such as ready-made sandwiches.




“When I feel thirsty, I like to drink sweet juices instead of water.”

It is health beneficial to drink natural drinks from time to time, whether these liquids are natural fruit juice or tea.

If you treat these drinks as a light “meal” to enjoy, such as dessert, for example, they remain within the permissible limits.

But if the choice of sweet drinks, especially soft drinks, becomes one of the main drinks in your life instead of natural water, then this is considered a problem that must be faced.

You can try to allocate the afternoon to drink a few of these juices, but during the day, try to have a bottle of natural water in your hands so that you do not allow the sweet juice option to overwhelm you.

Natural water is the basic element for human life, and without it, all parts of the human being are exposed to fatigue and exhaustion.




“When I am hungry, I tend to eat pastries. Is this considered a sound decision?”

Many of us cannot refrain from the “temptation” of eating pastries and pizza of all kinds, especially when we feel hungry.

Pastries in themselves are not considered dangerous foods, but they should be eaten with caution, especially if you suffer from the possibility of diabetes and cholesterol.

It is preferable not to eat a lot of the amount you eat, and in order to ensure that you eat a small amount, eat a lot of salad alongside it, which will give you a feeling of fullness.

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