5 Scientific Reasons Why Men Live Less Than Women

Even if they include social injustices and the violence women see, scientific data and expert opinions reveal the fact that men live less than women.


According to studies, women who face a higher risk of chronic disease, stress and depression than men, also fight against psychological and physical violence. However, the living rate is higher than that of men. According to University of Michigan Psychiatric Department doctor Shervin Assari…


1. Women have biological advantages.


Assari says women have biological advantages over men. It suggests that estrogen in women increases good cholesterol, which lowers heart risks, while reducing bad cholesterol. If we come to the male hormone testosterone, it increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduces the good cholesterol. This is the main reason why we see hypertension and heart attack more often in men. Also, according to Assari, chronic conditions in men are more deadly than in women.


2. Men live more unhealthy because of their masculine roles


Assari says women are more capable of healthy living and communication. Therefore, the early threat in women is more easily realized. In men, this is not the case. Men who are afraid of being seen as ‘ince’ by the society do not pay much attention to their health because of their masculine roles. In short, men who see healthy life as a woman and perceive it badly live more unhealthy than women.


Anger due to testosterone and many uncontrolled behaviors develop more frequently in men. Men are more often exposed to drugs and post-alcohol traffic than women, and this also causes accidents. With the arrogance that testosterone gives ‘It’s nothing to me men who live with molds like ’ can die in a shorter time by ignoring many risks.


4. Suicide rates are higher in men.


Assari, who also works on suicide rates, says men commit 3.5 times more suicide than women. The scientist, who has done a lot of research on this subject, says that men should be closer with weapons and reject treatment methods. According to women, men who have a lot of difficulty in revealing their feelings have a higher risk of suicide by becoming depressed.


5. Finally, stereotyped, taught roles.


Society plays the role of being masculine with men and being feminine with women. That’s why professional success says that men who encode themselves through lovebots like honor get more stressed out, and that stress makes their survival even smaller. In short, Assari notes that many points where men consider themselves superior actually speed up the killing themselves even more.

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