What Time Should You Eat an Ideal Dinner According to Experts?

Those who want to eat healthy and balanced food! One of the things that is most discussed when it comes to eating healthy is dinner hours. Some people prefer to eat this meal as early as possible, while others prefer to leave it late. Many people think that eating dinner late is harmful to the body. But is this information really true? We researched and wrote the ideal dinner time for you. Here are the ideal times for dinner, according to experts…


Each of us has different eating routines

We have been living on pandemics for almost two years. Many of us go on to work or school. As a matter of fact, our meal times also vary according to the pre-pandemic. Although we generally eat breakfast and lunch at the same time, we are largely separated at dinner. Many people agree that the ideal time for dinner is seven. However, there are those among us who do not eat after five o’clock, as well as those who prefer to eat late dinner.


What time should you eat an ideal dinner?

Experts describe the 6 to 8 o’clock as the ideal range for dinner. Of course, this applies to those who sleep at 11 at the latest! So when it comes to dinner time circadian rhythm it is of great importance. If you stay up late at night, you can of course eat your dinner later. This way you can avoid night snacks.


Why should you avoid eating dinner too late?


There is nothing wrong with snacking before sleeping! The point you should pay attention to is to avoid large meals. Large and heavy products can negatively affect your sleep quality. In addition to these, sleeping on a blocked stomach also triggers stomach problems such as reflux.


Take into account the effects of your lunch


The later you eat your lunch, the later you can have dinner. Of course, as you open this time, it is useful to suppress your hunger with small snacks. Sitting too hungry can cause you to eat more than usual.


Can the ideal time for dinner differ from gender to gender


Of course, we also have to take our hormones into account! Experts recommend women of reproductive age to be flexible about meal times. More calories may be needed to maintain blood sugar, especially before and after menstruation. For this reason, women of reproductive age should not limit themselves to strict rules. Things are a little different when it comes to men! Because they do not have such a cycle as their menstrual cycle, it is much more important that they stick to meal times. At the end of all this, we can say that the first thing you need to do is listen to your body! ?

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