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What Should Men Pay Attention When Choosing Perfume?

What should the male pay attention to when choosing perfumes? What can be said about the choice of perfume?


Yes, the choice of perfume is not as easy as it seems because an instant smell that sounds very nice may not have the same positive effect in later hours. While it has a nice effect on you, the situation may be different in another.


So how should the choice of perfume be made?


What smell?


First of all, you should determine which type of smell you like; like flower, spice, fruit flavored. If you can notice which type of aroma attracts you, your job will be much easier.


Your body’s harmony with smell


For men who sweat a lot, do sports, consume bitter and spicy foods, spicy perfume types will not fall at all; while the body secretes the smell of the type of nutrition, The spice used will combine with concise odors and have a bad effect.


Smells you like in someone else


The smell secreted by the body according to the geography, lifestyle and type of nutrition that the person lives will also change. This is why the perfume you like in someone else may not leave the same effect on you. You can try it, test it over time.


Odor confusion


Do not rush for a fragrance you like in the perfumery; because perfume can only give the scent it will actually leave after half an hour. Don’t try it first and wait to exchange it. If you like the smell that comes to your nose after half an hour and get a positive reaction from your relatives, it will be the right choice for you.


Try in you

Tighten the perfume into the wrist and leave it so. The region where the smell will be perceived correctly is the inner part of the wrist. If the result is still positive when you smell it half an hour later, you found the right perfume.


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