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Homemade Protein Bar Recipe

Homemade protein bar recipe are you ready for? What is a protein bar, how to do it at home? If you wish, let’s listen to a reader first:


“ As someone who knows myself, I can definitely say this: Sport alone is never enough. Food supplements are essential, but to some extent. It should be such a nutrient that it should make the consumer like a bomb, readers should definitely try this mixture, which I call a homemade protein bar. ”


We convey the secret of our reader who has been a fitness teacher for nearly twenty years.


Homemade protein bar materials


3 cups of milk


2 bowl oatmeal


3 cups of protein powder (pure vitamin B )


1 banana


1 cup of chocolate


1 cup of raisins


1 cup of nuts


1 cup of walnut


1 cup of coconut


Homemade protein bar recipe


Turn hazelnuts and walnuts into small pieces in the rondo.


Grate the dark chocolate with the thick part of the color.


Chop the banana into small pieces.


Mix it into a bowl by adding a mixture of oatmeal, protein powder, banana, dark chocolate and shredded walnut-nut.


Continue mixing with coconut and milk as well.


Fix the homemade protein bar with a spoon by pouring it into a debt.


Let sit on the ice for 6-7 hours.


How to use a homemade protein bar?


Cut this mixture you prepared into small pieces and consume it in 2 days.


Using the protein bar after training will be much more effective.


If you have weight problems, choose to use milk without oil.


Let’s take a look at the estimated nutritional value of the homemade protein bar


I wanted to add the nutritional values of the protein bar in detail as you constantly ask. The cup size you use, factors such as whether dry nuts are roasted or even milk is full-half-fat will change the result. That’s why we call it approximate value

You don’t have to be doing sports to consume a protein bar. You can also prepare this recipe without adding protein powder. You can also use periods when you feel powerless or even consume your sweet intent. It will also be a very healthy source of food for your children


Note: You can find protein powder from pharmacies.


Those who wonder about the losses of ready protein powders and Canan Karatay’s views on this issue, Damages of Protein Powder they can take a look at our writing.


We talked about easy and healthy ways to make protein bars that you ate before sports at home, we gave a homemade protein bar recipe, we talked about its benefits. You should definitely try. With our wish to have a healthy life…



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