What is the risk of taking vitamins during the virus outbreak?

 The director of the Immune Correction Center, Lyudmila Lapa, confirmed that randomly consuming vitamins poses a risk during infection with viral diseases, including the emerging corona virus.

She added that taking vitamins only makes the infection stronger and does not speed up the healing process.

According to her, it is not permissible for people who suffer from digestive system diseases to take vitamins without consulting a specialist.

She said: “Viruses love vitamins. If a person gets sick, I think there is no need to take vitamins at all, because by doing this we support the disease, because viruses get energy from vitamins. Of course, this also applies to the Corona virus.”

And Laba indicated that, taking vitamins is an important element in preventing diseases, including the Corona virus, as well as an important stage in the body’s restoration of fitness after recovery.

And she stressed that it is not permissible to take vitamins immediately after recovery, you must wait at least two weeks.