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What is the relationship between hair straightening products and uterine cancer?

Women are usually interested in maintaining their beauty by taking care of their bodies and hair, and maintaining their slim weight, so they resort to many different ways to take care of themselves.


But the surprise revealed by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the United States of America, and referred to by Academic Medical website, is that the incidence of uterine cancer is rising there, noting the existence of a medical study based on a scientific basis, indicating that hair-straightening products are a direct factor in the incidence of uterine cancer. .


The National Cancer Institute shows that hair-straightening products used by women contribute significantly to an increased risk of uterine cancer, and the study showed that the risk of developing uterine cancer more than doubles in women who use these products frequently.


The study was based on a database of more than 33,000 women, who were followed up healthily between 2003 and 2009, and 378 of them developed uterine cancer. The incidence rate was 1.64 for women who had never used hair products, while it was 4.05 for women users.


The institute finds these results to be particularly important for women who frequently use hair straightening or straightening products.


However, what is the link between hair straightening products and uterine cancer in women?


The institute confirmed that the researchers of the scientific study found that the frequent and constant use of chemicals contributes to an increased risk of cancer, and the most prominent of these materials are: parabens, bisphenol A, minerals and even formaldehyde, as well as formaldehyde, which is one of the most prominent contents of hair straightening products. Formol is a carcinogen.





Hair straighteners can enhance chemical absorption by lesions or burns on the scalp, or through the combined use of straightening irons, the heat of which breaks down the chemicals.

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