5 makeup mistakes that make you look older than your age

Using a lot of cosmetics, does not mean getting a beautiful and desirable look, but on the contrary, it may make you look older and less radiant, and to avoid this, avoid the following five mistakes when applying makeup:


Choose the right blusher


We all know that the powder should be on the apple of the cheeks, and to facilitate this, we should smile when applying it, but the secret to getting rosy cheeks is using the right brush that distributes the powder evenly and makes your cheeks look fresher, and you should also use a color that matches your skin tone to make you look younger. Older and avoid dark colors.


Pin on lipstick





What distinguishes older women is the bleeding lipstick on the edges of the lips, which makes them look untidy. To avoid the bleeding of the lipstick around the lips, use a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick, which will act as a buffer against the bleeding or melting of the lipstick, you can use a foundation cream On your lips also so that it lasts all day, and the best way to prevent lipstick bleeding is to apply lipstick with a brush instead of directly from the tube, and also avoid dark lipstick color, which increases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, while the light color reduces the focus on these lines, To enlarge the lips, apply a glossy layer over a light lipstick.


Don’t forget the eye contour foundation


The primer or foundation is very important, especially in the sensitive eye area, which is affected by fatigue, stress, insomnia and even lack of water, so try to use a suitable primer before applying the foundation cream, and the primer helps the eye shadow stay for a longer period, but be careful if you are over the age of thirty avoid Use liquid and glossy eye shadows that make you look older than your age.


Pay attention to the color of the foundation


Most of us have heard of the rule that foundation should match your skin tone exactly, but according to makeup artist “Sandy Lightener”: You should use a slightly lower shade of your skin tone, because it will balance the red color in your skin, but if you do not like to use foundation, Replace it with a tinted moisturizer for a light, even foundation.


Beware of thin eyebrows


Excessively cutting and removing eyebrows will cause eyebrows not to appear later, making the eyelid appear heavier and the eye sunken. If you do not use eyeliner, try using it with mascara on the top of the eyelid to increase the width of the eyes.


All these tips will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful appearance and appropriate for your age.

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