What is the method of blowing cheeks with makeup?

How to inflate the cheeks with makeup to get rid of the problem of a thin face. We explain it to you in detail so that you look your best when you go to work or different occasions. Now, makeup products can solve all kinds of face and skin problems, and thus you get a very distinctive aesthetic look.


How to inflate the cheeks with makeup


The method of enlarging and puffing the cheeks and the weak and thin face includes several steps that must be applied carefully and thus, you will get a healthy plump face without fading or flabbiness. Bronzer, highlighter, concealer, and contour are important tools in this method. In order to get big and full cheeks, make sure to use these products in the ways that we will explain next.

How to fatten the face and cheeks with contour makeup


In order to enlarge the cheeks and the volume of a thin face in general, use contour products in a light shade and one that is darker than your natural skin tone. Then distribute it in the following way, the darker shade on the cheeks, then the bridge of the nose, then the forehead. Now use the lighter shade of contour and distribute it on the jaw area, then under the eyes, then on the front of the head. You should mix the shades well using your fingers or a beauty blender. Thus, you will get plump, plump and lifted cheeks.


Inflating the cheeks in the way of powder makeup


One of the many ways to enlarge the size of the cheeks with makeup, is to use face powder in its natural colors, for example, light brown tones or earthy colors that are close to the skin tone in general. Distribute the powder in two different shades above the cheeks until the ears, so you get puffy and lifted cheeks.

Fattening the cheeks and puffing them with highlighter makeup


One of the effective ways to use makeup to enlarge the size of the cheeks. It is the distribution of the highlighter diagonally from the side of the mouth and under the cheeks. So now you have a full and big face.


How to fatten the face with makeup using concealer


To lift and enlarge the cheeks, spread the concealer under the eyes, above the cheek line in a thick way. Then blend with a soft brush or using a beauty blender

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