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Avoid a hot bath every day for these reasons

Besides bathing with cold water, many people prefer a hot bath and adopt it as a basic routine every day, believing that this is a healthy and beneficial habit.

However, contrary to expectations, taking a hot bath daily is not positive and it is recommended to avoid it for the following reasons:




Taking a hot bath every day will strip the skin of moisture and increase its dryness, and it can also damage sensitive skin and cause rashes and other skin allergies.



Wrinkles appear quickly

Regular use of a hot bath on a daily basis contributes to rapid aging of the skin with increased fatigue.



hair loss

Exposing hair to hot water constantly damages the roots and follicles and causes excessive hair loss.



enlarged pores

It is known that exposure to steam or hot water contributes to the expansion of pores, and exposure of the skin to hot water on a daily basis can damage the pores and make them more enlarged, making them more susceptible to the accumulation of dead cells, fats and impurities, and thus lead to grains.




A hot bath can contribute to high blood pressure, because the increase in the temperature of the water leads to increased blood circulation, which may cause an exacerbation and high pressure levels.




In it may seem strange, but a hot bath, especially daily, promotes a feeling of lethargy and laziness, unlike a cold bath.



The effect on fertility

Several studies have revealed that bathing in hot water for more than 30 minutes a day can negatively affect fertility, even in males, so it is always advised for those who suffer from infertility problems to take a cold water bath.

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