What is the Difference Between Serum and Ampoules?


Ampoules and serums are one of the richest and most intense ingredients in skin care. We love ampoules and serums that repair skin imperfections and provide intense moisture thanks to their ultra-concentrated formulas. How about taking a closer look at the ampoules and serums that are so good for the skin? When you learn about the differences between skin care products, you will understand which is better for your skin.

What are skin serums?

Face serums are ultra concentrated care products. Because they are full of high levels of active ingredients, they are quickly absorbed by the skin. At the same time, they have a much more liquid and light structure compared to conventional creams.

Serums are in water or gel form, more fluid and light form. Some serums feel more oily, while some serums come in gel and refreshing form as well. If you have oily skin, you should choose face serums that absorb quickly and do not cause any discomfort on the skin.

Benefits of skin serum

Face serums target specific skin problems and aim to repair them. Serums are a great skin care product to repair dark spots, wrinkles and matte skin! Compared to other products you will use to repair these imperfections on your skin, we are sure that serums will get the best and fastest results. In addition, serums help moisturizing and care creams applied on the lower layers to be absorbed faster by the skin, so that they have a better effect.

The ingredients developed against skin imperfections are brought into a concentrated form by adding them into serums. These ingredients often include a mixture of active ingredients such as peptides, vitamin C, HCA and AHAs that stimulate cell growth and repair. Serums also contribute to the skin’s production of collagen. Thus, anti-aging serums help the skin to recover faster and look younger.

Anti-aging serum recommendation

If you want to eliminate the color unevenness in your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, you should start using serum immediately. We also recommend L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum, which is one of the best serums we have tried.

Loreal serum contains hyaluronic acid, concentrated Pro-Xylane, ceramide pro and LHA. Just like the best serum formulas, these ingredients are absorbed very quickly by the skin and show its effect quickly. After using the serum, you will notice that your pores are tightened, your wrinkles are reduced and your skin is reshaped.

When and how to use the serum: You can apply the serum on your clean skin just before moisturizing. Apply the serum twice a day for daily skin care.

What are the ampoules used for skin care?

The ampoules used in skin care are mostly applied as a cure. Skin care products with the strongest formula among skin ampoules, creams and skin serums.

The content of care ampoules can contain a high percentage of active ingredients, vitamins and acids. For this reason, you should prefer to apply the bulbs in periodic treatments instead of using them continuously. In order not to tire your skin too much, you should leave the ampoules every 7 days and start again according to your needs after resting your skin.

Benefits of ampoules

Ampoules help increase collagen production in the skin. They provide moisture to the skin and help the skin maintain its health.

In skin care ampoules are loaded with rich ingredients to nourish the skin. For this reason, ampoules are produced in smaller form and for single use. Usually ampoules are used for a major skin problem and a quick repair. For example, for wrinkle and lifting effect.

The consistency of the ampoules is generally in liquid and gel form. They may contain active ingredients, peptides, herbal extracts, vitamins and acids. Remember that the ampoules are highly concentrated and extremely effective!

Anti-aging ampoule recommendation

After learning that bulbs are so effective, we are sure you have already searched for the best bulb! The care bulb L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3, which we have tried to date and obtained the best results, has been a 7-day cure.

Loreal ampoules contain 10% glycolic acid. This provides a peeling effect on the skin, allowing the skin to renew itself and reduce the blemishes. Those who use the Loreal 7-day care regimen say that their skin looks smoother and that color uniformity is achieved. To make your skin look brighter and flawless, you should apply the bulb cure for 7 days.

How and when to apply ampoules: In skin care, you should apply the ampoules on your clean skin in the evening. We recommend that you only use the ampoules under the cream as a 7-day cure.

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