Best oils for Hair Loss


If you have hair loss problem, we are sure you are wondering about the oils you should use in hair care. We have prepared a great guide for those who are looking for oil that is good for hair loss! The oils that are good for hair can revitalize the hair, reduce hair loss and help strengthen the hair. Although there is no miracle of oils that stop hair loss, there are ingredients that will control and visibly reduce hair loss. Remember, it is very normal to lose 100 to 120 strands a day. But if you are experiencing excessive hair loss than normal, then it is time to research the vegetable oils that are good for your hair.

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the oils used for hair loss. Argan oil, the most popular among hair loss oils, is only grown in Morocco. As it reaches the inner texture of the hair, it repairs the damaged hair and helps the hair look shinier. Argan oil, which is shown among the beneficial oils for hair loss, strengthens the hair, so it enables hair to grow without breaking and prevents long hair from being worn out.

Beware of! We see a lot of fake argan oil in grocery stores. Using argan oil from brands you do not trust will cause unwanted results in your hair. You have to do a detailed research to find the natural Argan oil obtained from the flowers of the Argan Tree that grows only in Morocco. Of course, let’s not go without saying that it is a bit troublesome to find.

Almond oil

You may have heard that almond oil is used for eyebrow and eyelash strengthening purposes. Almond oil, which is popular among the oils that are good for hair loss, is sold only in tiny and concentrated forms because it is expensive. For this reason, you can see almond oil eyebrow and eyelash oils more often. Almond oil extract is actually the most common of the oils that prevent hair loss.

Almond oil strengthens the hair follicles, allowing them to bond to the roots more tightly. Thus, the hair with almond oil support does not fall out easily and becomes more attached to the roots. Almond oil is used not only to reduce hair loss, but also to make hair look silky and shine.

Indian Oil

Castor oil should be on the list of oils that are good for hair! Because castor oil regenerates hair follicles thanks to its hair regeneration feature. When you apply castor oil to your scalp by massaging it, you notice that the blood circulation in the scalp increases and the hair follicles become stronger. This helps your hair grow healthier.

For those who want a hair loss care oil recommendation, we can recommend castor oil. You can apply castor oil alone or by mixing it into your masks. Be sure to do a small allergy test on your skin before using castor oil.

Lavender oil

“Which oil is good for hair loss?” One of the answers to the question is lavender oil. Lavender oil has the ability to soothe and soothe the scalp. For this reason, if you ask hair loss which oil it is, we recommend you Lavender oil. Since the soothing effect of this oil reduces the stress factor, stress-induced hair loss is greatly reduced and you can control hair loss.

Those who want to grow their hair healthy prefer lavender oil. You can add lavender oil-containing care products to your hair care routine to avoid having to get a regular haircut.

Rosemary oil

One of the most effective oils that prevent hair loss is rosemary oil. We especially love the hair strengthening and hair growth properties of this oil. Those looking for the best oil for hair should definitely give rosemary oil a chance.

‘Which oils are good for hair loss?’ We recommend rosemary oil to our friends who ask. Because the moisturizing effect of rosemary oil prevents the hair from falling out by drying or breaking off, giving the hair extra shine. Those looking for oil for hair loss can now apply rosemary oil by mixing it into masks or creams. If you wish, you can instantly see the shine effect by applying rosemary oil directly to the hair lengths.

Is it enough to use oil for hair loss?

Using oil for hair loss alone is not a sufficient method. When you use natural oils alone, you can only see superficial benefits such as fragrance and shine on your hair. Even if the oil is the best for hair loss, you cannot control hair loss unless you use the right care products such as anti-hair loss shampoo and cream.

Hair loss is a hair problem that needs to be treated with the best care products instead of applying oil. For this reason, we recommend Elseve Arginine Resistance X3 Anti-Loss Care line for our readers who suffer from hair loss. Because Arginine protein is the most valuable ingredient responsible for hair loss. By using Arginine Resistance X3 Anti-Loss Shampoo, you can strengthen your hair and make it resistant to hair loss. This shampoo, which is especially recommended for people who have problems with shedding, will be much more effective than herbal mixes!

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